If you have plans to make charcoal-based fertilizer now, then you should know the benefits of charcoal-based fertilizer. So, what are the benefits of charcoal-based fertilizer? You can then clarify whether charcoal-based fertilizer is a good fertilizer or not. Then you decide if you want to make charcoal-based fertilizer.

What is charcoal-based fertilizer

Carbon based fertilizers are carbon fertilizers made from biochar and organic matter. They are as the main raw material and are mainly applied as a base fertilizer. However, if you want to make charcoal-based fertilizer, then you need to know what the raw materials for charcoal-based fertilizer are.

What are the raw materials of charcoal-based fertilizer

Common raw materials include wood chips, straw, fruit shells, peanut shells, cotton stalks, ligustrum grass, corn stalks and so on. Besides, these raw materials can be carbonized to obtain biomass charcoal with high carbon content and stability. And it is used as the main raw material for biomass charcoal charcoal-based fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer making materials

Benefits of charcoal-based fertilizer

Horizontal fermenter tank machine for charcoal-based fertilizer adopts automatic control. And this is our company’s advanced equipment, so it can complete work in time and reduces the manual operation. Besides, it greatly reduces the time. At the same time, reduces the labor intensity and improves the production efficiency.

Improved soil properties

Charcoal-based fertilizer is rich in organic matter and micronutrients. which can improve the soil structure, increase the soil’s properties to retain water and fertilizer, and increase the content of micronutrients.

Promote plant growth

Charcoal-based fertilizer is rich in microorganisms, which can resist soil diseases,  promote plant root growth, and facilitate plant nutrient absorption. At the same time, it has the role of regulating soil pH, so that plants can better absorb nutrients and water.

Improve crop yield and quality

The application of charcoal-based fertilizer has a very good effect on crop yield and quality, which can improve plant resistance and pest resistance, promote plant growth and development, improve crop quality and increase production.

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