Compost making tips

What is compost

Composting is actually the process by which aerobic microorganisms break down and ferment organic matter to form stable humus.

If you want to produce biochar-based fertilizer, then composting is the most important process. So if you have compost machine, you will be save time and power. ShunXin company recommend self-type compost machine for you. What’ more, your aim is to increase the humus of the soil, which creates conditions for aerobic microorganisms. Then, I will tell you compost making tips in this text.

What are the conditions for composting?

Charcoal-based fertilizer composting is a process of producing charcoal-based fertilizer, which is richer in nutrients and has a long and stable fertilizer effect, and at the same time, it helps to increase the soil’s ability of heat preservation, air permeability, and fertilizer retention. Charcoal-based fertilizer compost is the use of a variety of organic wastes as the main raw material, by the heap system of decomposition into organic fertilizers.

What are the moisture requirements?

The moisture content of the composting material for charcoal-based fertilizers needs to be controlled at around 60%. You don’t need to measure carefully, just a little bit of moisture oozing out when you hold it in your hand. Why 60 percent? Because this is the time when aerobic microorganisms are most active. If the water content is below 40 percent, the microorganisms will be dormant and inactive and will not be able to decompose organic matter. So I will recommend screw press solid liquid separator.

feeder machine

What are the organic matter requirements?

The different properties of organic matter used as composting material can be characterized by a simple indicator – carbon to nitrogen ratio.

The average carbon to nitrogen ratio preferred by microbes is 30, so you should mix and match organic materials. If you already have chicken manure – low carbon to nitrogen ratio-as the material for composting, then you need to match with straw, wood chips and other materials with high carbon to nitrogen ratio to make the carbon to nitrogen ratio adjusted to about 30. In order to satisfy the microbial growth and reproduction conditions. So, I will recommend loader type feeder machine.

What are the air requirements?

If there is more water in the compost, there is less air, so as long as the moisture is controlled, the amount of air is more appropriate. Or the compost pile is too firmly, it will easily result in less water and less air. The compost is properly loosened, it will retain both water and air. So I wii recommend self type compost machine and crawl  compost machine for you

Groove type composting site

What are the temperature requirements?

The temperature of the heap rises quickly within two or three days, to 70 degrees or more and then slowly decreases to a certain volume. Composting produces high temperatures above 60 degrees, which can kill insect eggs. The high temperatures produced by composting can increase the decomposition efficiency of microorganisms, so composting decomposes faster than in nature. So I will recommend the groove type compost machine for you.

Area occupation

During groove composting, the area occupation is determined by the scale of composting. The smaller the fermentation scale, the less area occupation; the larger the fermentation scale, the more the area occupation. If you want to large capacity, we have horizontal fermentation tank. It is just occupies a small area, but have huge capacity.

fermentation compost tank

What to look for in a compost pile

If you are composting by yourself, then it is very time consuming and as stated above, takes a year or more. Besides, poor temperature control can lead to loss of organic matter. That’s why you need a compost turner machine. I recommend our turner machine. For example, groove type compost turner and crawler type compost machine.

Crawler type compost machine is four-wheeled, can go forward and backward, and the price is right, the efficiency is also very high.

Crawler type compost turner
Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove type compost turner are not only inexpensive but also highly efficient, suitable for small and medium-sized charcoal-based fertilizer production. Spans and depths are available to suit your needs.

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