30 TPH large biochar powder fertilizer production line

With the rise of organic agriculture and the importance of environmental protection. The market demand for charcoal-based fertilizer is increasing year by year. Having a 30 tons per hour charcoal-based powder fertilizer production line can help fertilizer factories seize the market opportunity in time. And gain a larger market share. If you are planning to manufacture biochar organic fertilizer powder production line or don’t know how to do it. Then you can refer to this content. We will give you detailed information about what you need to prepare and the machines you need, as well as the price of the 30 ton per hour large biochar powder fertilizer production line. And also you can view our organic manufacturing for consultation

what are the raw materials for 30 TPH large biochar powder fertilizer production line?

First, when you need to prepare biochar powder fertilizer, then you need to prepare the ingredients. There are two main types of raw materials for charcoal-based fertilizer, one is carbon and the other is organic fertilizer.

Preparation for organic raw materials:

Animal Sources: It provides your charcoal fertilizer with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Mineral Sources: In addition to providing the major elements thought, minerals also regulate carbon-based fertilizer pH. Making it more suitable for crop growth.

Nut shells coconut:The application of coconut shells in biochar fertilizer is mainly in improving soil structure, increasing organic matter content and promoting microbial activity. 

Carbon-based raw materials:

The raw materials for carbon are similar to those for organic fertilizer. However. Raw materials like wood and wood residues. These materials are preferred for their high carbon content and structural properties that result in stable, high-quality biochar. Such as Logs, branches, wood chips, sawdust, and bark.

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How to design a 30 TPH  large biochar powder fertilizer production line?

If you consider the location of your biochar fertilizer plant, then you need to consider how to plan your fertilizer production area, our company for you to plan a free 30-ton per hour large charcoal-based powder fertilizer production line. What’s more, In the planning of our large biochar fertilizer powder fertilizer production line. the length is one hundred meters and the width is 96 meters. And it consists of a total of 4 parts. Here’s a more detailed description of the region:

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How to choose 30 TPH large biochar fertilizer plant locations?

After you’ve prepared your ingredients, you’ll need to plan your charcoal-based fertilizer site. Only if you build a fertilizer plant first can you place your large biochar powder fertilizer production line:

Biochar powdery granulator production line
  • First of all, you need to choose a site that is close to the source of raw materials, which will reduce transportation costs.
  • Secondly, good transportation infrastructure is essential for the movement of biochar and organic raw materials and finished products. So you close to highways, railways, and ports can reduce logistics costs.

Thirdly, you need to make sure that the site is far away from residential areas, so as to avoid the impact of odor and noise on the residents.

  • Lastly, a reliable and adequate water supply is necessary for various processes in the production of biochar fertilizer.
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How much cost is required to set up 30 TPH large biochar fertilizer plant?

Our company can manufacture up to 30 tons of large biochar powder fertilizer production line. This is a significant scale of production that can meet the requirements of large scale fertilizer production. And we’re in the $140,000 to $160,000 range. Prices will vary depending on your machine.


if you need a biochar drum dryer machine to dry your line before pelletizing, the price will increase. This machine is not included in the base cost of the fertilizer production line, but it’s a crucial addition if you want to ensure the highest quality of your biochar powder fertilizer. If you have a number of machines and are just adding to your existing machines, the price will decrease.

Double roller granulator for biochar fertilizer
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What fertilizer equipment is needed for a 30 TPH large biochar powder fertilizer production line

What equipment do you need for your carbon-based fertilizer plant? There is no doubt that you requires a array of equipment. So that can designed to process raw materials into finished products. And below is essential equipment.

Two 22 m biochar wheel compost turners.


C harcoal-based fertilizer wheel compost turners have several uses, 1 to promote the decomposition of organic matter, 2 to regulate the humidity in the compost, 3 to control the temperature of the compost, 4 to prevent the charcoal-based fertilizer material caking.



crawl type compost machine for biochar powdered production line
vertical crusher for biochar powdered production line

A SXFLF-1200 biochar vertical type crusher

TThe main function of biochar fertilizer crusher is to pulverize organic and carbon based raw materials into carbon based powder suitable for subsequent processing.

A biochar Feeding machine

Feeding machine plays a key role in the production of charcoal-based fertilizers. And their main function is to uniformly and automatically transport biochar and organic raw materials to the production equipment.

biochar fertilizer powder production line
Screen machine for biochar fertilizer powdered production line

A  SXGS-2080 biochar screening machine

Carbon based fertilizer sieving machine can classify the crushed fertilizer powder by particle size. It separates the powder that meets the requirements from larger particles or lumps. This can ensure that the finished fertilizer powder particle size uniformity and improve product quality.

A biochar  powder packing machine


The role of bagging machine in charcoal based fertilizer powder line is to package the finished production of fertilizer powder.  To make it easy to store, transport and sell.

These are the basic facilities for the production of our basic charcoal based fertilizer powder line, if you want to reduce or buy other facilities, you can communicate with our sales staff.

organic fertilizer packaging machine cost
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What are the benefits for you to choose YuShunXin manufacturing company?

  • Free site planning for a 30-ton carbon-based fertilizer production line:

    First, Yushunxin company, can help you plan the site of 30 tons charcoal-based fertilizer production line according to the size of your factory for free.

  • Guaranteed pre-sales and after-sales services:

    Second, our sales staff have rich related knowledge and years of working experience. So if you want to consult any questions related to 30 tons charcoal based fertilizer production line. And they will reply you as soon as possible.

  • On-site installation guidance:

    Our Yushunxin company will send the appropriate engineers to the installation site. They will teach how to install the machine and will also train the relevant operators on the job.

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