Carbon fertilizer grinder machine for sale

  • Capacity: 1-20 tons per hour
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

What is grind machine?

Carbon fertilizer grinder machine of our company for sale. So, I will introduce this equipment. The grind machine is the most important equipment in the fertilizer production line. This grind machine can crush raw materials, you can use it to grind biochar-based fertilizer. Besides, it is famous for high efficiency, wide application, compact structure and long life. Our ShunXin company produce 6 kind of crusher. Then I will introduce these.

6 kinds of crushing equipment

New type vertical crusher

The crushing machine is used to pulverize the charcoal based fertilizer material. During the composting process, larger materials may still be present, so a pulverizer is needed for more detailed pulverization. Carbon fertilizer grinder machine of our plant is for sale, you can’t miss this! The new type vertical crusher is a highly adaptable equipment, which is one of a equipment used in charcoal-based fertilizer. This machine is adapted from foreign machine, it is without screen cloh designed and can adjustable.

What’ s more, this machine has a high output, it can reach 15t/h. The type vertical crushing machine has many advantages, for example, first, this machine has a better ability to handle carbon based fertilizer materials with high water content. Secondly, the blades are made of special material, which is three times longer than the life of similar pulverizers. Last, the type vertical grind machine has high efficiency. And it is designed a observation window so that you can change the damaged part as soon as possible. So if you want to produce a lot of carbon-based fertilizer, you can consider this machine.

Semi-Wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet material crusher is a equipment that  mainly for charcoal-based fertilizer production. And this machine is professional crushing high humidity, carbon-based fertilizer material professional crushing equipment. What’s more, this one pulverizes well and is efficient, and this yield is also relatively large and can reach 8t/H.

Crawler type compost turner
Semi-wet Material Crusher

This equipment crushes well, because it has two runners and crush twice. The biochar-based fertilizer material is first crushed into particles and then into powder, which goes out from the discharge port. What’s more, this machine has wide range of applications and high reliability. It can crush many kinds of carbon-based fertilizer materials, such as garden waste, corn stalks, and peanut shell ect.  If you are worried about the moisture content of the biochar-based fertilizer material, then this machine can solve your worries.

Urea Crusher

Urea crusher belongs to the fertilizer industry special crusher, Urea pulverizer is mainly used for granular Urea pulverization, and can also be used for carbon-based fertilizer. It mainly used to grinding and cutting material with gap between the roller and the concave plate. The size of the gap determines the degree of material crushing.

The speed of urea pulverizer is fast, the material thickness can be adjusted, and the powder is uniform, consistent size. What’s more, its shell is made of stainless steel, which is robust and will not corrode. And it has a simple structure, so it’s easy to clean and easy to maintain. Besides, the operation can be done by only one person, which greatly saves costs. So if you want to choose a simple operation machine, you can buy this one.

Cage Crusher

The cage pulverizer is a medium-sized pulverizer. It can crush charcoal-based fertilizer materials with a moisture content of less than 40%. Also, it can crush charcoal-based fertilizer materials with a moisture content of less than 40%. Especially,  hard charcoal-based fertilizer materials. Besides, It can produce up to 10 tons per hour. It has a simple structure and high crushing efficiency. Not only that, it’s easy to clean up and maintenance can be done yourself.

cage crusher

The machine is designed according to the principle of impact breaking. The inside and outside two sets of cage bars rotates in opposite direction with high speed, then the materials is rushed by the impact of the cage bar when through the two sets of cages. So this is a very useful equipment for carbon-based equipment.

Chain Crusher

Chain crusher according to the installation form is divided into two kinds of model. Vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher structure forms. Vertical chain crusher with single rotor, horizontal chain crusher with double rotor. This machine is used to crush biochar-based fertilizer in the fertilizer production line and return crushing in the production of carbon-based fertilizers.

The machine adopts high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy chain plate in the crushing process, which is sturdy and wear-resistant. And in this way, it can use long than other machine. Besides, it adopts reasonable design of inlet and outlet, uniform crushing materials, will not stick to the wall, easy to clean and save time. Vertical crusher development successful for biochar-based fertilizer, which is shorten the process, reduce equipment investment, save operating costs.

Straw crusher

Straw crusher is mainly used for crushing raw materials of charcoal-based fertilizer. The materials includes cotton stalks, tree branches, corn stalks, wheat stalks. The crushed agricultural and plant can be used as raw material for making charcoal-based fertilizer. This equipment turns tons of green waste into treasure, play a new economic value, but also to protect the environment, improve the soil, create a good social benefits.

Scraw Crusher

The product design is reasonable, the manufacturing quality is reliable, has a simple structure, easy to operate, small size, small area, labor-saving, and power-saving features. And the main part of this product is made of stainless steel, so it can be produced continuously and is strong and durable. Besides, it suitable for press molding especially in various biomass raw materials.

What is the budget for?

Carbon fertilizer grinder machine for sale of our company. And there are specific prices for specific machines, and the prices are slightly different for different machines, but they are about $2,000.00 – $7,000.00. If you need more detailed parameters and prices, you can leave a message, or add our customer service, she will tell you more detailed information! Whether you use fertilizer crusher to process fertilizer, or other raw materials, we have a suitable crusher to meet your requirements.


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