Fertilizer granulation process

Fertilizer granulation process is the most important process in the organic fertilizer process. If you want to make granular charcoal-based fertilizer, then you must be use granulator machine. You can selection according to the needs of organic fertilizer granulation production process. The main pelletizing methods for organic fertilizers are disc pelletizing and extrusion pelletizing.

Disc pelletizing process

Disc pelletizing also known as pan pelletizing, which the main equipment used in it is the disc pelletizer. It is to transfer the mixed material from the mixer to the top of the disk,and add it to the disk continuously in quantitative quantity. As the disk rolls over, the particles grow up gradually, and the grown up particles are continuously discharged from the bottom of the disk. The smaller particles wait in the disk and continue to get bigger with the addition of new material.

Advantages of disc pelletizing

The product is in the shape of round granules, uniform particles, good mixability. The solution can be controlled, and the solution is sprayed on the fine particles. So that it has high granulation efficiency and the particles are more rounded. Fewer large pellets are generated, less material is returned. And by adjusting the angle of inclination of the disk, you can adjust the size of the pellets.

disc granulator fertilizer production line
disc granulator fertilizer production line

Price of disc pelletizing equipment of Shunxin Company

Our company’s disc pelletizer is the best-selling machine, which at a great price. If you are looking for a cheap and long-lasting product, you can consider our company. The price of disc pelletizer is about $800.00 – $16,000.00.

Extrusion pelletizing

Extruded granulation is the granulation of humidified powders by means of a screw and a rotary blade. And pressed through the designed mesh. By the early 1980s, the extrusion granulation method of fertilizers was welcomed by the public and applied and rapidly promoted. At present, the fertilizer extrusion granulation process has become the development trend of compound fertilizer granulation technology

Advantages of Extrusion


The product is long columnar, particle cross-section rules, uniform production capacity, but the production process is simple, the material requirements are not high, particle hardness, suitable for storage and transportation and mechanized operations.

double roller extrusion line

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