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YUSHUNXIN Char-Based Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer

The company’s main business items are fertilizer equipment, extrusion equipment, granulation equipment, drying equipment, mechanical equipment and its accessories installation and production, design and construction of fertilizer projects.The equipment produced has complete specifications, excellent quality, and all the indexes meet or exceed the national standards. The products are distributed all over the country and the world, realizing one-stop service of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and technical training.

Small biochar fertilizer equipment

carbon-granule machine

Special Seivice

Free Project Design
Flexibly respond to various customization requirements. We can provide free process design drawing configuration plan, forward guidance according to customer’s requirements, which roundly and deeply customizes solutions for customer.

Special Services

Pre-sale Customer Service

Within 15 minutes after receiving customer’s information, we will timely reply through phone or email provide customer with one-stop professional services including product inquiry, technical support, product ser complaint, warranty, consultation of spare parts, etc.


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