What is carbon-based fertilizer?

Charcoal-based fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer made of charcoal with different fertilizer elements. It has the advantages of water and fertilizer retention, soil improvement, and crop yield enhancement. Do you want to produce it? This text will tell you biochar fertilizer fermentation process.


What are the ingredients of charcoal-based fertilizer

The ingredients of charcoal-based fertilizer include straw, bamboo, wheat straw, peanut shell, bagasse, and so on. These materials can be turned into biomass charcoal by charring. And then mixed with other organic fertilizers to make charcoal-based fertilizers


What is biochar fertilizer fermentation process?

The process of crusher


First of all, the pulverizing equipment of our company need to crush tobacco, straw, peanut shells, and garden waste materials. So that to produce biochar. Besides, you can choose a vertical pulverizer or chain pulverizer, and so on.

compost tank


The process of fermentation


Second, biochar and organic raw materials are stacked in layers in fermentation tanks for full fermentation. Biochar fertilizer fermentation process is the most important process. After carbonization, it has to go into the dryer to dry. You can choose our company’s supporting equipment, “carbon fertilizer dryer” and “baling machine”. The formed biochar is stored in the baling machine and packed in bags for transportation and storage.

Then, the biochar and organic raw materials will be stacked in the fermentation tank for full fermentation. And you can also use our company’s fermentation equipment, such as a self-propelled tumbler or groove-type compost turner. Although they are all organic raw materials, they still have to fully fermented and putrefied.


The process of packaging


At least, after the fermentation is completed, it goes through a series of processes such as feeding, screening, removing impurities, drying and packing, etc. to form the final biochar-based fertilizer. In addition, our company’s auxiliary equipment, “electronic weighing and packaging equipment“, can greatly improve the efficiency of packing.

organic fertilizer packaging machine cost

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