Nowadays, carbon-based fertilizer is becoming more and more popular among businessmen. Because the process of making biochar is very easy. So If you want to create a carbon-based fertilizer  plant, but you are not quite clear about how to build a carbon-based fertilizer plant. Then we can provide you with some relevant advice. Setting up a large or a small factory is based on the amount of money you invest.

organic disc fertilizer production line

Set up a large or small charcoal-based fertilizer plants

Setting up a large or a small factory is based on the amount of your investment. We suggest you can start with a small carbon-based fertilizer plant. Because a small carbon-based fertilizer plant has the characteristics of low investment and easy to manage. And a small carbon-based fertilizer production line can produce 1,000 kilograms of fertilizer per hour. However, if you don’t know what production line is good, you can leave your email.

What equipment is needed for a charcoal-based fertilizer production plant?

In your small carbon based fertilizer plant, you need some equipment to form a fertilizer production line. A complete carbon-based fertilizer production line includes: Fermentation composter, organic fertilizer crusher, fertilizer mixing equipment, granulator machine, packaging machine and so on. If you are planning to build a fertilizer plant with a daily output of about 20-30 tons. Then I recommend you the following equipment.

self compost machine

groove compost turner  machine and moving type compost turner

Both machines are very suitable for small and medium-sized charcoal-based fertilizer plants. Because they are highly automated and inexpensive at the same time as they are highly efficient.

Crusher machine

After composting the charcoal-based fertilizer material, there will be some large pieces of material that are not thoroughly crushed. So we recommend you vertical pulverizer, which is made of special material with long life and high efficiency.

new type crusher machine for sale

Horizontal Mixer

For a smooth and homogeneous granulation of the raw material. And we recommend you the horizontal mixer. Because it is not only very powerful, but also has a small footprint and a high service life.

Double Shaft Compost Mixer Machine
disc granulator machine

Disc Granulator

Because you need to take the charcoal-based fertilizer to sell, you need a granulator, which is more convenient for your transportation and storage. So we recommend you disc granulator, its granulation rate can reach more than 95%.

Bagging machine

The last procedure is to pack the fertilizer of charcoal-based fertilizer, so you need to use the baler, we recommend you our company automatic packaging machine.

organic fertilizer packaging machine cost

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