How to produce granulate carbon-based fertilizer in Brazil

Customer’s Needs:

We have a client from Brazil. In April he told us by email that his company is quite dusty. But they still want to pelletize the carbon based fertilizer. So he came to ask us what is the most suitable charcoal based fertilizer pelletizing equipment for them. And he wants to know how this equipment works. Does he need to add any other materials to make the pelletizer work better? Finally, he wanted to know how much the machine cost.

What pelletizing machine is suitable for customers?

The customer said that his factory is quite dusty, so we suggest him to use disc granulator. There are two reasons. Firstly, the disc granulator adopts wet granulation, which can be sprayed and misted, so that the customer’s carbon based fertilizer can better achieve the effect of granulation, and secondly, the disc granulator has a large output and high granulation rate. And one disc granulation rate can produce up to 4-6 tons. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the disk, which change the residence time of the material on the disk. Thus affecting the hardness and size of the particles.

What is the process of the disk granulator works?

Mixing ingredients

First, you need to mix the carbon powder with the organic fertilizer in a certain ratio. And The uniform mix of particles facilitates more adequate fertilizer nutrients. For example, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. What’s more, the exact mixing ratio depends on your nutritional requirements and the characteristics of the desired charcoal-based fertilizer particles. Next you need to add the necessary binders or additives.


Moisture Adjustment

The mixture’s moisture content is crucial for successful granulation. Typically, the moisture level should be between 30% to 40% for effective pellet formation.

Feeding the mixture into the disc pelletizer

Next you need to load the prepared mixture into the disc pelletizer. Then the disc rotates at an angle, which helps the material to move gradually from the center to the edges.

disc granulator
Screen machine for biochar fertilizer making

Granulation process


When the disc rotates, the charcoal-based fertilizer material is forced to roll due to the angle of the disc and gravity.At the same time, a mist of water is sprayed over the disk. This movement causes the particles to collide and stick together, gradually forming larger aggregates. Finally, when the particles reach a certain volume, they are sent out from the feeding port below the disk.

What is the price of disc granulator?

The price of our disc pelletizer is from $600 to $5000. The price of the granulator will vary depending on the size of the machine and the output. More importantly, the price will be higher for larger production. On the contrary, the price will be smaller for smaller production.

Addressing Customer Concerns:

Customers ask if we need to add any oil to help pelletize the granulator.Our disc granulator can spray water mist to help the carbon based fertilizer material to granulate better.

Of course, you can also add microbial strains or any additives. So that you can make the fertilizer more nutritious in the process.

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