Organic fertilizer making Philippines

There is a customer who comes from Philippines, and he told us he want to make organic fertilizer to sell. So he asked us what machine he should have.

And he want to make granulate fertilizer, besides, the out put must be reach 8-10 ton/h.

What machines does customer should have?

What kind of production line does he need?

This customer needs organic fertilizer pelletizing production line and roller extrusion pelletizing production line as well, because he needs granular organic fertilizer fertilizer, need to take out to sell, so we recommend that he buy pelletizing machines.

disc granulator fertilizer production line

What kind of machine does he need?

This customer needed to make organic fertilizer, so the first thing he needed was a compost turner. So, you need to find a reliable company to buy the equipment from. You can choose our company, I’m going to recommend you a few types of dumping machines.

Fermentation compost turner

We have several models of compost turner that sell very well.  If you want to ferment, then you can choose it. First is the groove compost turner. It is has high efficiency and large capacity and any model you want is available. Besides, this machine is simple and easy to use, you can control it manually or automate it. Moreover, this machine is very suitable for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer factories, so that the groove compost turner to save time.

Crawler type compost turner
Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer

Mixing machine

We recommend the double shaft horizontal mixer, which has two shafts and is therefore more powerful than the single-shaft mixer. And it produces a lot of power compared to its counterparts. Double shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts to achieve the purpose of mixing the materials evenly.

Crusher machine

We recommend you the vertical pulverizer, because it does not require strict requirements on the moisture content of the material, so it will not be blocked. Moreover, its service life is also very long, compared with similar crusher products, its life is three times that of other products. Also, the material it uses is special, so it’s easy to replace if it’s damaged.

disc granulator

Granulation machine

Because your fertilizer needs to go for sale, when you are done crushing the material, you need to go for granulation.We recommend the disk granulator. The disc pelletizer is very powerful and it has a relatively small footprint. The whole machine is in the shape of round arc, it uses steel plate material to support, so it has a long service life. And its granulation rate is very high, can reach more than 95%.

Cooler and dryer

Before you package it, you need to cool and dry it so that your fertilizer is ready to go for packaging, Our drying and cooling equipment, not only at a favorable price, but also with a long service life.

dryer machine

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