Organic Fertilizer Polishing Machine

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Steel Q235/Alloy
  • Capacity: 1-8 t/h
  • Application: Organic and compound fertilizer

Organic fertilizer polishing machine is the latest new product developed by our company. Charcoal-based fertilizer particles have different shapes and sizes, in order to make the fertilizer particles beautiful, our company has developed organic fertilizer polishing machine. Make the column particles rolling into a ball, no rebound material, high ball rate, beautiful appearance and strength.le one according to your needs.

Top 3 Advantages of Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

High productivity and efficiency

Organic fertilizer rounding machine has high output and can round a large number of carbon based fertilizer particles. It can be used in fertilizer production line with organic fertilizer granulator and disc granulator at the same time. Can solve the single granulator must be equipped with a single rounding machine brought about by the complexity of the process, equipment investment, the quality of the finished product is inconsistent and other shortcomings.

High pelletizing rate and complete structure

The distribution of the machine is very uniform, the structure is complete. composed of two or three throwing cylinders arranged in sequence, carbon based fertilizer material after several round throwing, the finished product is discharged from the discharge port. And the finished product particle size is consistent, rounded and smooth, high rate of balling, can be as high as 97%.

Chain plate type compost turner

Good appearance and low cost

Organic fertilizer rounding machine has beautiful appearance, simple structure and working principle. And only one person can control it, save manpower, which is safe and reliable. Besides, it has small volume, light weight, small footprint, space saving. Convenient operation and maintenance. And the organic fertilizer throwing round machine can keep continuous long time operation, power energy consumption is small, with the electrode province.

How does Organic Fertilizer polisher machine work

Carbon based fertilizer and other organic fertilizer materials first through the flat film granulator will be crushed into granular raw materials. And then into the organic fertilizer rounding machine for rounding. Organic fertilizer rounding machine is a kind of multi-layer continuous organic fertilizer particles polishing granulation equipment. Besides, the upper part of the frame fixed a large cylinder, the large cylinder with the upper cover. There is also a vertical shaft, the part of the vertical shaft into the large cylinder, and fixed connection with a large rotary disk.

Moving type windrower for small scale composting

Carbon based fertilizer material first from the feed port into the machine. Then start the machine, the rounding machine has a power motor to drive the inside of the rounding disc high-speed rotation. Particles with the rapid movement of the disc, rolling particles rounded. And finally discharged from the discharge port or into the secondary rounding machine rounding again. Finally rounding the end of the end of the rounding, into the next production process. Even the moisture can be slightly reduced, pellet rounding machine is a common rounding equipment for spherical bodies.

Why use polishing equipment in carcoal fertilizer production line

Why you need to use organic fertilizer polishing machine? And then we will tell you the reason.

How could choose polisher machine?

If you want to buy a machine polisher in  carbon-based fertilizer, then you should pick a machine that fit to your facts. Then I will inroduce the equipment in 3 aspects.

From the capacity

What capacity do you want to buy ? Do you want a large model, a medium model, or a small model. All models are available in our company. The capacity of the large model can reach 5-8t/h, and the power is 11×2. And the capacity of the medium is 3-5t/h, and the power is 7.5×2. The capacity of the small is 1-2t/h.

From the size

What size do you want to buy? The size of our polishing equipment will be change with the capacity. Large volume for large production and small volume for small production. According to the output of the charcoal-based fertilizer you want to make, choose a large output or small output of organic fertilizer rounding machine.

From the price

The polishing machine you liked must be the cheapest in the maker. However, the price will be change with the size and capacity.  The greater the production and volume, the more expensive. The price at $1,800.00-$2,800.00. But you can believe that our company will work with you in good faith, to give you must be the most favorable price!


Why you need to buy machine polisher in ShunXin factory?

First, ShunXin company have special services, we both have pre-sale customer service and after-sales service.What’more, our company can design  your demand for free, all program and design proceed as you like.

Second, the price we give you must the cheapest in the market, our company makes friends with many countries in the word because we are confident because we give honest prices and we have a guarantee that our quality is the best!

Third, our company has 30 years of history in biochar-based fertilizer, and we have an experienced team and advanced technology in fertilizer process, so we can provide you best and varieties polishing machine, which can make sure you must be pleased.

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