make bio fertilizer from biochar

  • Capacity: 1-20 tons per hour
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

Make biochar biofertilizer from biochar is a process that add microbial inoculate into biochar fertilizer. This biochar biofertilizer containing specific living microorganisms that are applied to agricultural production. Also, it can provide the availability of plant nutrients.


What are the types of biochar biofertilizers process

Charcoal-based biofertilizers making are mainly of two types of YuShunXin company: powder biochar biofertilzer making and granule bio fertilizer making.

And the machines needed for the production process are crusher, mixers, granulators, coating machine, dryer, cooler, screen machine and packaging machines.

Biochar cannot play the role of soil improvement, but adsorption of nutrients to reduce soil nutrient. So more and more manufactures want to make bio fertilizer from biochar.

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Powdered Biochar biofertilizer production process

Powdered biochar bio fertilizers making are simple and economical to process.

  • Firstly, the decomposed organic matter is equipped with a certain amount of functional microbial inoculate and biochar powder.
  • The next thing is sent them into mixer equipment to mix them together.
  • Lastly, you need to dry them and package biochar biofertilizer

Granular Carcoal-based biofertilizer production process

We have three methods of biochar bio fertilizer pelletizing, it includes:

Addition of microbial inoculate to the granulation

If you want fuller and more uniform mix of microbials and charcoal-based fertilizers, then you add the microbial inoculate before pelletization.

biochar bio fertilizer production line
Biochar bio fertilizer granulation making line

Firstly, you should crush the biochar fertilizer materials, and then add microbial inoculate to the carcoal-based fertilizer material. Next, you should put it into the mixer together to mix it fully. So I recommend that you choose the double shaft mixer of our company. It has high efficiency and large capacity.

Lastly, you can sent them to granulate, dryer, cooler and package it.

Addition of microbial inoculate during granulation

If you want to make bio fertilizer granule from biochar easier and faster, you can choose addition of microbial inoculate to the granulation.

First of all, mix the organic material and biochar, then add the fungus according in a certain amount. Then sent them together into the granulator to add bacteria and pelletize. Finally, the product can be made after drying, cooling and packaging.

Biochar biofertilizer granulation line
Biochar biofertilizer making granulation line

If you want to save space, we recommend you disc pelletizer. It not only occupies a smaller footprint, but also has a higher granulation rate. Besides, it is very convenient to spray fungicide at the same time of pelletizing so that they mixing together in a short time.

Addition of microbial inoculate after granulation

If you want to keep the nutrients inside the biochar bio fertilizer, then you can option for addition of microbial inoculate after granulation.

Adding microbial inoculate after drying can effectively prevent the high temperature from killing microbial bacteria, so that the microbial bacteria are fully retained.

Carbon-based bio fertilizer making granulation line
Carbon-based biofertilizer making granulation line

First, the organic material and carbon powder are mixed and fed together into the granulator for pelletizing. Then after drying, the microbial inoculate is sprayed with coating machine and finally packed.

So we recommend you to use the coating machine. It can spray the microbial inoculate to the carbon-based  biofertilizer, and it has a favorable price, for details you can contact our sales staff.

What equipment is used to granulate biochar bio fertilizer

Biochar bio fertilizer product granulation is divided into wet granulation method and dry granulation method. And it uses different process equipment.

For the wet granulation method, there is a disc granulator machine. And for the extrusion method, there are double roller extrusion and flat die machines. All of them can rapid make carbon-based bio fertilizer from biochar.

Agglomeration granulation and equipment

disc-granulator machine

If you want a machine with a higher pelletizing rate, then we recommend the disc granulator equipment.

First, charcoal-based fertilizer is added and sprayed with microbial inoculate. Then, the disk rotates to start granulation. Finally, after reaching a certain granule diameter, the granules overflow from the bottom. Besides, the granulating rate can reach more than 93 percent. More importantly, this is a large capacity, which is 4-6 ton per hour.

Extrusion granulation and equipment

Double roller extrusion pelletizing

If you want the granules of carbon based microbial fertilizer to be harder and have a more rounded shape, then you can choose the double roller extrusion granulator.

Double roller granulator for no drying fertilizer granule making
Dry extrusion granulator for low cost fertilizer pellet production

The biochar bio fertilizer enters through the inlet at the top of the machine at first. And is transported between the pressure rollers through the feeding structure, and is squeezed and molded.

Besides, products are rolled and molded achieved in one time. And, our company’s roller granulator, the output is 1-3 tons per hour.

Flat mode extrusion pelletizing

If you want biochar bio fertilizer with a more polished surface and better retention of nutrients. Then you can choose a flat die pelletizer.

You can squeeze the powder material into the die hole of the flat die. And there is a low speed cutter below the die hole of the flat die, the extruded columnar fertilizer will be cut according to the required length. Finally, this machine of YuShunXin factory is very popular, and the capacity is 1-3 tons per hour.


How much budget do you make bio fertilizer

We have two production lines, one is for powder and the other is for granules, and the price is different depending on the production line.

The price of the carbon-based bio fertilizer powder line ranges from $40,000 to $90,000 dollars. And carbon-based bio fertilizer granulate production lines range from $110,000 to $550,000 dollars. However, depending on the output of each production line, our prices may vary accordingly.


What are the benefits of microbial fertilizers?

  • Combating degradation of arable land: microbial fertilizers can improve soil quality and crop yields.

  • Regulates crop growth: Many microbial inoculant produce substances needed for plant growth, thus regulating plant growth.

  • Improving the quality of agricultural products: Microbial fertilizers enable the release of micronutrients, thereby improving the nutritional quality of crops.

Why choose our company's equipment ?

If you want to make bio fertilizer from biochar, you need to choose a reliable company. So, you can consider our factory. I can tell you from three aspects.

  • Free projects design :We can provide free process design to meet all customers need until you satisifated.

  • Installation guide: We will free to assign special worker to the site for guiding customer to install. And we will answer all questions.

  • Featured customized service: If you want to customize the color, or install other parts on the unit, we can do it.

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