Carbon-based fertilizer mixer in Malaysia

On May 6, 2024, a customer from Malaysia contacted us to purchase a carbon-based fertilizer mixer machine. He said he needed a charcoal-based fertilizer mixer in order to improve the nutritional balance of the fertilizer and its competitiveness in the market. Furthermore, he said that the factory he works for has a charcoal-based fertilizer production line with a capacity of five tons per hour. So he would like to buy a mixer to make the fertilizer more uniform and fine quality. In addition, we also recommended them some necessary auxiliary equipment, such as charcoal-based fertilizer balers and fertilizer crushers.

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Do customers have any requirements for charcoal based fertilizer mixer?

The customer is looking for an efficient and durable fertilizer mixer. It should meets the following requirements:

First, fertilizer mixers are required to process a variety of materials, including animal manure, garden waste, kitchen waste and carbon.

Second, the carbon-based mixer must be made of wear-resistant materials to cope with the abrasive nature of the material and the water content, while maintaining good performance and longevity.

  • Finally, they needed a charcoal-based fertilizer mixer that could produce about 5 tons per hour to meet the plant’s production needs.

Based on their requirements, we recommended a horizontal mixer. Because horizontal mixers are highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. The material used is Q235 steel, which is a good material we use. So the charcoal based fertilizer horizontal mixer made by our company has a long life. In addition, carbon-based mixer can mix more than 2-15 tons of materials per hour, which is very suitable for large-scale mixing. All in all, the disk mixer is more in line with the requirements of Malaysian customers. In addition, we recommend them other auxiliary equipment, such as charcoal-based fertilizer crusher and bagging machine. If you combine horizontal mixers with auxiliary equipment, you can produce large-scale fertilizers more easily. The charcoal based fertilizer crusher crushes large organic materials and carbon into smaller sizes, reducing damage. Fertilizer packing machine is used to pack the charcoal based fertilizer after churning. For storage and transportation purposes.

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How much did the charcoal-based fertilizer mixer and auxiliary equipment cost in total?

The price of a fertilizer mixing machine vary significantly. And this price variation often stems from differences in the machine’s production capacity. And the price of carbon-based horizontal mixer made in our Yushunxin factory is about 5000 USD to 8000 USD. This reflects its large output and high efficiency. What’s more, the combination of fertilizer mixer and auxiliary equipment ensures that our customers can process raw materials more efficiently and produce consistent, high-quality fertilizer products. Our fertilizer bagging machine cost about $4,000 to $8,000. The price of charcoal based fertilizer crusher is US $2000 to US $5000. So the total cost is between 11,000 and 21,000 dollars.


The above auxiliary equipment can help you produce charcoal based fertilizer better, but if you want to produce granular charcoal based fertilizer, then we suggest you can also consider our charcoal based fertilizer drum dryer, because it can make the granule size harder.


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