Major processes in biochar based fertilizer making

What is the step to make biochar-based fertilizer?

The major process in biochar-based fertilizer making include composting, crushing, granulating, packaging etc. Certainly, if you have a  powdery production line, you don’t need granulating process.

Pick up raw materials

The first step of process in biochar-based fertilizer making is choose raw materials. You must make sure these raw materials come from the merchants you can trust. And these raw materials must fresh and healthy. Some common ingredients include rice husk, corn stems, peanut shells, etc.

fertilizer garnule
Chain plate type compost turner

Composting the raw materials

The second step of process in biochar-based fertilizer making is composting. Composting should be carried out under aerated conditions. Firstly, the raw materials of charcoal-based fertilizer are piled up and fermented, generating a lot of heat, and the temperature inside the heap is as high as 50-60°C, thus rotting fast, and the nutrient content is high. The high temperature fermentation process kills the bacteria, insect eggs and weed seeds in the pile. So, if you want to compost, you can choose our groove type compost machine.

Why you need a compos turner machine?

However, if composting is done by manually, it is not only slow but also prone to too low or too high temperatures. This will not kill the harmful substances, or the organic matter will also be eliminated. So I recommend that you can consider the compost turner machine of our company. Use of our company’s compost turner machine, it can saves time and efficiency, and also saves labour and improves economic efficiency.

For example, our groove type compost turner is not only cheap, but also efficient. And it has a turning span of 3 to 30 meters and a depth of 0.8 to 1.8 meters.

What are the stepts after biochar fertilizer composting?

Crushing the processed materials

Then we need to crush the charcoal-based fertilizer material, crushing the large and lumpy materials. and the diameter of the fertilizer can also be adjusted. Here it is necessary to use some machines and equipment, so I recommend you use our company’s pulverize. For example, the new vertical crush machine, which does not require high moisture. Besides, it crushes materials with high efficiency.

Pan granulator for biochar fertilizer pellets making

Granulating the raw materials

Crawler windrow composter is widely used for processing windrows with a width of 2.4-3 m and a height of 0.6-1.5 m. So it usually can help you turn and mix 500-1500 ㎡ of organic waste. At the same time, moving type compost turner has a turning span of 2 m and turning depth of 0.6-0.8 m. Therefore, its capacity is about 400-500 ㎡/h.

Packaging the biochar-based fertilizer

Finally, you can pack the finished charcoal-based fertilizer, which can be very time-consuming if you pack it with workers. That’s why I recommend our automatic packing machine to you. Not only does it save time, but it’s also easy to install.


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