what is a good source of biochar for compost

Classification of Biochar

  • biochar can be divided into wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, straw charcoal and livestock and poultry waste.
  • According to different preparation methods, biochar can be divided into pyrolysis charcoal and hydrothermal charcoal.
  • According to the different structural shapes of biochar, it can be divided into molded charcoal.

If you want to know more about biochar-based fertilizer, you can view biochar major making process

Source of biochar for compost

As the basic raw material of biomass charcoal-based fertilizers. And the raw material of biomass charcoal and its preparation process are of great importance. More importantly,  as the carrier component of biomass charcoal-based fertilizers, they affect the soil’s ability to supply fertilizers and retain water. It has a significant impact on the soil, the nutrients of fertilizers. Besides, the yields of crops and the quality of agricultural product. Then what are the raw materials for charcoal-based fertilizer composting. So, I will introduce you to several raw materials so that you can better understand what is Charcoal-based fertilizer. And if you want to make biochar by youself, I can give you some biochar making tips.

organic fertilizer materials
Organic fertilizer making materials

Coconut shells

Coconut shell is the inner pericarp of the coconut,coconut husk as a biomass waste, domestic production of coconut shell is difficult to meet the demand for carbon industrialization.

Moso bamboo

Moso bamboo is a renewable resources with short growth cycles, which is thick and fast growing, can be used after 5-8 years of growth. What’s more, it is the highest economic value of bamboo species. Furthermore, it is widely used in the manufacture of charcoal-based fertilizer.


Straw as agricultural waste is rich in resources. China is a large agricultural country, and high-yield crops such as wheat, corn and rice provide huge amounts of biomass straw resources every year. As one of the agricultural wastes, straw has been mainly applied to livestock feed and fertilizer for charcoal-based fertilizer, etc., of which fertilizer utilization accounts for the highest proportion.

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