Top 3 biochar fertilizer making line in 2023

In 2023, our company has selected top 3 biochar fertilizer making line.  They are disc granulation production line, double roller extrusion granulation production line and powdery organic fertilizer production line. They are all loved by customers, and I’ll go over them one by one below.

Advantages of powder organic fertilizer production line

A customer who comes from India, he told us he wants to buy some biochar fertilizer machine. And his biochar fertilizer machine budget is in $50,000, he wants to know if we can recommend our products for him. We asked him what fertilizer production line he needs, he said he went to a granulation production line. And the first is the powdered organic fertilizer production line. This pelletizing line has a number of advantages.

  • The first is that since it is a powdered fertilizer, certainly, it requires only four steps: fermentation, pulverization, screening, and packaging. So the time required is relatively short compared to other production lines and save consumption.

  • The second advantage is that the production line is easy to operate. Compared with the granular organic fertilizer production line, only 2-3 people can operate to complete, saving labor and cost.

  • The third advantage is that the investment cost is small, there is no need for granulation equipment and drying equipment, which reduces the cost of equipment purchase and operating costs.

Advantages of powder organic fertilizer production line

The second line is a disc granulation production line, which is a granular fertilizer production line.  Besides, it is most popular fertilizer production line in top 3 biochar fertilizer making line. And Its process includes fermentation, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, sieving, packaging. The difference between disc granulation production line and roller extrusion granulation production line lies in the use of different granulators.

The first advantage is that the disc pelletizer has a high establishment rate. Because it adopts the whole structure, so it affected by the centrifugal force, and the machine is also a certain angle of inclination, so it can be more than 95% of the granulation rate.

Pan granulator-designs-for-fertilizer-pellets-adjustment
disc granulator fertilizer production line

The second advantage is its high production efficiency. Because the pelletizing tray equipped with three discharging ports. It is convenient for intermittent production operations, greatly reducing labor intensity, reducing the number of workers, and also improving the production efficiency.

The third advantage is its long service life. Adopting flexible belt transmission, smooth starting, slowing down the impact and improving the service life of the equipment. What’s more, the bottom of pelletizing plate strengthened by many steel plates, never deformed. It also has aggravated, thickened and solid base design for smooth operation.

Details structure of pan pelletizer for small scale fertilizer

The advantages of double roller extrusion granulation production line

Roller extrusion production line uses roller extrusion granulator to extrude materials into shape. The main process of roller extrusion production line includes mixing, crushing, roller extrusion, sieving, packaging, etc.

The first advantage of the double roller extrusion granulator is that it produce by a drying-free process, eliminating the need for later cooling and drying and saving time.

double roller extrusion line
Double roller granulator for no drying fertilizer granule making

The second advantage is that the double roller extrusion granulation equipment is smaller, covers a small area and is more compact. The price is also cheaper. So it is suitable for small scale organic fertilizer pellet processing.

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