Hot sale biochar compost machines

If you want to produce biochar fertilizer, then the compost is the essential part in the making process. However, if you want to compost by yourself, that would be very difficult. And there are hot sale biochar compost machines of ShunXin company.

Why composting needs compost turner machine

Traditional composting techniques use anaerobic field stacking, which not only covers a large area and takes a long time to stack, but also results in poorer quality composted material. However, if you use compost turner equipment, all questions can be over took. In contrast, compost turner machine has significant advantages. First, it can substantially improve the efficiency of agricultural waste treatment, which reduce process of cycle time and accelerate the production speed of organic fertilizer. Secondly, the compost turner is able to realize on-site treatment of agricultural waste, at the same time, reducing transport costs and environmental pollution.

In addition, the organic fertilizer treated by the compost tumbler has excellent quality, which can improve the soil structure. At the same time, increase soil fertility and promote the growth of crops.

What are the hot sale biochar compost machine?

groove type compost turner

In ShunXin company, there are three kinds of compost turner machine. The first one is groove type compost turner. It is one of the small compost machine of our company. It has many advantages, first of all it is easy to operate and convenient to use. Secondly, it has a compact structure and stable operation. Turning and throwing is even, and the efficiency is very high. Furthermore, it spans can be 3 to 30 meters, and the height can be 0.8 to 1.8 meters. So you can use it for your own garden or your biochar fertilizer plant.

Groove Type Compost Turner
wheel compost machine for sale

Wheel type compost turner

The second one is wheel type compost turner machine, it also has two-wheel type compost. It is one of the large-scale equipment, which is suitable for the fermentation with large spans and large width. And the high turning depth can be 1.5-3 meter, the large turning width can be 30 meters. Besides, it has low consumption, compared with other compost turner, its lower consumption than them. What’s more, turning with no dead angle. And the double wheel type compost turner is huger than sing wheel type compost turner.

crawler type compost turner

The third one is crawler type compost turner. It can drive by yourself, which adopts four-wheel walking design. And this is the most popular machine of hot sale biochar compost machines. So, it can go forward, backward and turn around. Besides, it can be used in a wide range of applications, both in the open field and in the workshop shed. In addition, its turning output is large, one person can achieve 3-4 tones of organic material per day with one piece of equipment. What’s more, you can also install some ancillary devices, such as automatic spraying equipment, can be in the equipment turning, adjust the humidity of the fertilizer heap, to speed up the process of organic matter fermentation.


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