If you want to make biochar, then you will have to batch the biochar with organic fertilizer when you compost. so what is the right ratio of charcoal-based fertilizer? You will understand after reading this article. More importantly, if you have any questions in making biochar process, you can ask us.

What is the use of adding biochar

Composting is one of the most important aspects of making charcoal-based fertilizers, adding biochar to compost is useful for composting. Adding biochar can activate the composting process . Because biochar enhances the activity of microorganisms, it increases the temperature, shortens the composting time and accelerates the composting process. And maintain the stability of the compost. Moreover, the use of biochar during the compost process yields a product comparable to those obtained with mineral fertilizer additions with a lower environmental impact.

Moving type windrow compost turner for compost

Biochar Benefits to the Composting Processes

Benefits of adding biochar to the composting process may include shorter composting times; reduced greenhouse gas emission rates (methane, CH4 and nitrous oxide, N2O); reduced ammonia (NH3) losses;  and reduced odors. For the biochar material itself, composting helps recharge the biochar without breaking down the biochar material in the process. And there are many tips in making compost.

What is the rate of biochar in compost?

According to experience of composters indicates that the best ratio of biochar to compost is in the range of 5% to 10% by volume. Adding more than 20% or 30% is not recommended as an excessive amount can interfere with biodegradation. If the soil quality is poor, or if quick results are needed, the dosage can be increased appropriately. Besides, for soils rich in organic matter, the proportion of biochar can be a little on the low side, while for poor soils, the proportion should be appropriately high. Finally, if you want to speed up your composting even more, you can consider buying a composting machine from our company. The composting machine can speed up the composting process and also control the temperature and moisture better.

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