Water content plays a very important role in the manufacture of charcoal-based fertilizer. Moisture content is also a key factor in the flow and consistency of powdered and granular fertilizers. Because its amount determines whether the charcoal-based fertilizer can be manufactured into the ideal state and shape, especially in the fermentation and granulation process. What should be the moisture content in the fermentation and pelletizing sessions? In this article you can find the answer.

How to control the water content of fertilizer

What is the correct water content for charcoal based fertilizer

In the composting process, 40% to 65% of the water content is most conducive to microorganism decomposition. More than 70% moisture, the decomposition rate is significantly reduced; moisture below 40% can not meet the needs of microbial growth, organic matter is difficult to decompose.

Why control the water content of fertilizers

Moisture is the direct cause of carbon based fertilizer making. Therefore, effective control of the water content of carbon based fertilizer can improve the production capacity, alleviate the problem of product caking, and facilitate the storage, transportation, marketing and application of the product.

Double wheel type composter for composting

Adding materials to reduce moisture

The moisture content in animal manure can be as high as 90 percent. So before fermentation, you must use some materials to reduce the moisture. for example, you can add corn stalks, peanut hulls, rice hulls, sawdust and so on. So that the moisture of the carbon based fertilizer material will be reduce. However, I sugesst you use the compost machine of our company. Then you won’t worry this question.

Use of Shunxin’s equipment

There is another way. You can use our solid-liquid separator, it can quickly drain the excess water, this equipment is simple to operate and very efficient! Moreover, the moisture content of the separated manure  is between 50-60%, which meets your demand for manufacturing charcoal-based fertilizer. And the price is very cheap. If you want to use machine, you can find a reliably company to buy, and you can trust us.

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