Best-selling biochar fertilizer machines in 2023

What is the best-selling biochar fertilizer machines?

In 2023, our company has three best-selling biochar fertilizer machines. They are crawler type compost turner, disc granulator and new type vertical crush, which are all received good praise. I’ll tell you more about each of them.

Crawler type compost turner

This machine is play a important role in composting, it can help raw biochar fertilizer fast fermentation. Generally, the process of fertilizer formation using a turning machine takes 7-10 days, but if you use human labor to turn it, it may take several months or even a year.

The advantages of crawler type compost turner

  • Its first role is to mediate the temperature of the raw material pile. When the compost turner machine is working, it will fully contact and mix the raw materials of charcoal-based fertilizer with the air.  And the heap can contain a large amount of fresh air, which helps aerobic microorganisms to be active.
  • The second function is to adjust the moisture of the raw material pile. The moisture standard of finished charcoal-based fertilizer is below 20 percent. During fermentation, the biochemical reaction will generate new water. And the turning machine will turn the raw material so that the water will become water vapor and evaporate.

New type vertical crush machine

The material enters from the feeding port and collides with the high-speed rotating chain in the machine casing, and the material is squeezed and crushed after the impact.

The advantages of new type vertical crush machine

  • The first advantage is that new type vertical crusher is not strict with water content. So, it has wide range application. Especially for high moisture, such as biochar fertilizer, it has strong application and is not easy to block. Besides, the raw materials discharge is smooth.
  • The second advantage is that it has a long service life. Because the cutter head is made of special steel, which is not easy to be damaged. So compared with similar products, it has more than three times the service life.
  • The last advantage is that it equipped with an observation window. It makes it easier to replace wear and tear items.

Disc granulator machine

The granulation is the indispensable part in the biochar fertilizer making. Pelletizing is the process of forming granules or pellets by compressing and shaping materials.

The advantages of disc granulator equipment

  • The first advantage is the structure novel and reasonable. And the weight is reduced and the height is lowered. And the process arrangement is flexible and convenient, suitable for the transformation of the old plant.
  • The second advantage is that the inclination angle of the disc can be adjusted. Adopting angle shims. Furthermore, it is flexible and convenient to adjust, and adjusting the angle can also change the size of fertilizer particles.
  • The third advantage is that its granulation rate can reach more than 95, with high production efficiency. Moreover, the granulating plate is equipped with three discharging ports, which is convenient for intermittent production and improves the labor efficiency.
Pan granulator-for-best-selling-biochar-fertilizer-machine

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