Pryolysis Biochar production line in Turkey

Customer’s Needs:

On April 4, 2024, our company had a customer from Turkey. He sent an email saying that he would like to inquire about pryolysis small scale biochar production line. And he said he have a 500kg/h hazelnut cracking machine that leaves 250kg/h of hazelnut shells of waste. So, he would like to consult us for some information about the pryolysis biochar production line.

What biochar equipment is suitable for 250kg/h of hazelnut shells of waste

Biochar Drum dryer machine:

Because the customer already has a pulverizer, then he also needs a biochar drum dryer machine. This is because the moisture content of the raw material may affect the quality of the final product. Thus reducing the price and causing losses. So, we recommend the SXHG-0808 drum dryers. It have a capacity of 1-2 tons per hour.

continuous carbonization furnace

Carbonization machine:

The next machine to be prepared is a carbonization machine. And we have three kinds of carbonization equipment. One is hanging charcoal furnace, one is rotary charcoal furnace and one is continuous charcoal furnace. What’s more, the customer said that his machine produces 250 kg of hazelnut shell material per hour. So, we recommend the biochar continuous carbonization furnace. Because the crushed materials are heated more evenly after entering the continuous carbonization furnace, the process is fast. In addition, as an automatic device, it achieves continuous production to improve the efficiency and reduces the interference of people.

Is there any auxiliary equipment suitable for Biochar production line

For better use of biochar for plants, you need grind them into powder.  So, a biochar grinding machine in biochar production line is necessary. We recommend the biochar chain crusher machine for you. The output particle size is smaller than 3 mm.

What is the production capacity of biochar production line?

Our continuous carbonization furnace, its production capacity can reach 100-500 kilograms per hour. It can fully meets the needs of yours. Moreover, the conversion ratio from hazelnut shell waste to biochar is 3:1. So, in the end, we sold our customers continuous carbonization furnace equipment.

How much does the cost price of biochar production line: 

The price of a product can be affected by many factors, which the customer should have a clear view of. Normally, the price range of the charcoal production line is $20,000-60,000. The price might change with the requests of the customers. For example, the continuous carbonization furnace equipment with large production capacity will have a higher price. On the contrary, the continuous carbonization furnace equipment with small output will have more favorable price.

What are the requirements for the use of the biochar equipment?

For the machine you have purchased for the biochar production line, you need to check and maintain it regularly. Daily use of charcoal-based fertilizer machine, you need to regulate the operation of employees, and regularly check the machine every week to see if there is any damage, and timely replacement of damaged parts. When using the machine, workers need to pay attention to their own safety.

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