carbon fertilizer pellet machine

  • Capacity: 1-20 tons per hour
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

What is carbon fertilizer pellet machine?

Carbon fertilizer pellet machine is our company best-selling machine for many years. It can make biochar-based fertilizer materials turn into granules. What’s more, if you want to produce this kind of fertilizer, ShunXin company will do everything you need. Besides, the pellet machine can make your fertilizer round, smooth and beautifully shaped. It reduces the moisture in the carbon-based fertilizer, and also can make your transportation easier. And we also have polishing equipment, it can makes your granules more beautiful. So, the pelletizer is the important equipment in fertilizer produce line.

How to make granules by using carbon fertilizer granulator

Our company has many pellet equipment, different machine has a different principle in work. They all just need to few people to operate this machine, this can reduce your labor.  At the same time, it increases your interest.

The pelleting presses in our company, of them are easy to operate and have a simple process. What’s more, Our machine makes carbon-based fertilizer hard is good for soil decomposition and absorb. More importantly, it not affect stacking and Transportation, and highly stacked 10 bags with no problems. Also, you should ferment the biochar-based fertilizer material first. After fermentation, the moisture Of the fermented compost is 30%, then can make granule fertilizer.

7 types of carbon fertilizer pellet machine

The New type of organic fertilizer granulator

When you produce  charcoal-based fertilizer, then the new type of organic fertilizer granulator will be your best choice. Because it’s highly productive and highly power. Besides, the operate is very simple. What’s more, it also has viewing port, which you can check the granules every time if you want.The machine use of high-speed rotary mechanical agitation force.  So that resulting aerodynamic force to make biochar-based fertilizer continuously. In this way, achieve the process of granulating and mixing, pelletizing. It is beautiful than other ways.

rotary drum churning machine for sale

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator

This rotary drum pelletizer machine is newly developed by ShunXin company, which is based on the rotary drum granulator. This machine can make biochar-based fertilizer into a special shape. It can save more energy when pelletizing, what’s more, It has a higher ball formation rate than other machines. If you want to produce more beautiful particles, then the rotary drum churning granulator will be your first choice. This equipment makes use wet granulation, and high-speed rotary mechanical agitation force. And the resulting aerodynamic force to make fine powder fertilizer continuously achieve the process of granulating and mixing.

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

The double roller  machine you liked must be the cheapest in the maker. However, the price will be change with the size and capacity.  The greater the production and volume, the more expensive, but you can believe that our company will work with you in good faith, to give you must be the most favorable price!

disc granulaotr machine

Disc Granulator

This machine not only is very productive, but also small footprint. If you want charcoal-based fertilizer with a high rate of palletization, then you can choose disc granulator machine. Ball plate machine adopts the whole circular are structure, and the granulating rate can reach more than 93%. Besides, this machine can add sprinkler if you want.This equipment adopts wet granulation, and the disc is inclined at a specific angle to the horizontal ground. With the disc spins, the centrifugal force and the inclination of the disc surface propel the materials towards the edge. The biochar-based materials  are  transportation onto the rotating disc. At the same time, some scrapers install the machine peripherals, it lifts and turn granulations.

Drum Granulator

The output of this machine is the largest among the granulators, it can reach 30t/h. So you want to manufacture charcoal-based fertilizer in large quantities, this is a machine you can better consider. It also can make materials into a specific shape. What’s more, it can add sprinkler if carbon-based fertilizer material does not meet moisture requirements. Drum granulator is a key equipment for making biochar-based fertilizer. It is suitable for mass production of cold, hot granulation. The main operate way is wet type granulation: Through a certain amount of water or steam, the carbon-based fertilizer is fully reacted in chemical way after being wet in the drum body.

rotary fertilizer granulator machine
flat granulator equipment cost

Flat Die Granulator

This machine is mainly used for carbon-based fertilizer and organic fertilizer after fermentation. If you use this equipment, your materials will be smooth surface than another granulator machine. Besides, it can maintain the ingredient in the process when fertilizer production line. And if you use our factory flat die machine, your particles will be more uniform and neater than other particles.

Flat die extrusion granulator uses extrusion rollers to extrude. Before granulating, the carbon-based fertilizer does not need to dry, it can be processed directly by batching. It can save a lot of money. What’s more, pellets have low water content, so they are easy to store and transport.

Organic Fertilozer Polishing Machine

The round throwing machine is the latest machine  developed by ShunXin company, which is to make the granules look more beautiful. Because charcoal-based fertilizer in the initial use of granulator, the shape is different, and the size of the particles are not the same, so that your fertilizer in the market is not competitive.

It arranged by two or three throwing cylinders, driven by an electric motor to throw a high-speed rotation of the disk, by the particles of their own rotation and mutual rubbing to make it quickly form spherical particles.

organic polish machine for sale

How much do you need to buy our products?

Prices vary depending on our products. But the larger the production, the more expensive the price, such as Rotary Drum Granulator Rotary Drum Churning Granulator and  New type organic fertilizer granulator. On the contrary, the smaller the production, the lower the price. You can choose according to your actual situation, you can also contact us, we have a specialized staff to help you answer the question.

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