How to use the granulation line to produce granular carbon-based fertilizer in Brazil

Customer’s Needs:

Our Brazil client, a prominent figure in the manufacturing industry specializing in biochar fertilizer, approached us with a specific requirement. They sought to transition from producing biochar powder to granulated biochar fertilizer. This shift aimed to meet market demands for a more convenient form of biochar fertilizer. So we recommend him five biochar fertilizer equipment, so that he can fast produce granulate biochar fertilizer.

Introduction of Equipment:

To fulfill the client’s needs, we recommended a comprehensive set of biochar fertilizer equipment to their production requirements:

New Type Biochar Fertilizer Granulator:

This new type granulator is designed to efficiently convert biochar powder into uniform granules of desired size. Its advanced features ensure precise control over the granulation process, resulting in high-quality biochar fertilizer pellets.


Biochar Fertilizer Drum Dryer:

The drum dryer facilitates the drying of granulated biochar fertilizer, ensuring optimal moisture content for storage and transportation. Its  heating system allow for fast drying.

Biochar Fertilizer Drum Cooler:

Post-drying, the cooler drum plays a crucial role in reducing the temperature of the granulated fertilizer, preventing heat-induced degradation and preserving nutrient integrity.

Screen machine for biochar fertilizer making

Biochar Fertilizer Screening Machine


This precision screening machine is essential for quality control, ensuring that only properly sized granules pass through for packaging.It can be customized to remove any oversized or undersized particles, ensuring consistent product specifications.

Biochar Fertilizer Packaging Machine:


 The packaging machine automates the final stage of the production process, efficiently filling and sealing bags or containers with the granulated biochar fertilizer. Its high-speed operation and precise weighing capabilities enable fast packaging while minimizing product loss.

biochar fertilizer packaging machine

Benefits of the Equipment:

  • Enhanced Product Quality:

    By transitioning to granulated biochar fertilizer, our client can deliver user-friendly product to their customers, thereby enhancing their reputation and market competitiveness

  • Increased Production Efficiency:

    The high-capacity equipment suite supports a production capacity of 5 to 7 tons per hour, enabling our client to meet growing demand while minimizing operational downtime.

  • Improved Handling and Storage:

    Granulated biochar fertilizer is easier to handle, store, and transport compared to powder form. So, it reduce the risk of product damage during storage.

  • Cost Savings:

    The automation and efficiency features of the equipment result in reduced labor costs and energy consumption, savinging in expenditure.

Addressing Customer Concerns:

The customer said he wanted to produce 5-7 tons of fertilizer per hour and asked if our machine could do it. And each of our machines can reach the needs of our customers. Each machine we recommend to our customers has an output of 1-20 tons per hour.


In addition to the primary equipment requirements, our client raised concerns of product installation and after-sales product issues. To address these concerns, We assigned professional installers to the customer's site to install the equipment and patiently taught the customer's staff how to install and operate the equipment. We also offered training lessons to ensure their personnel are proficient in operating and maintaining the new equipment, thus maximizing its performance and longevity.

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