New type vertical crusher

  • Production Capacity:3-5t/h
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Steel ZQ235/Alloy
  • Motor power: 22kw-37kw
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

What is new type vertical crusher?

The new type vertical crusher is a kind of non-screening bar. Adjustable crusher developed by our company on the basis of absorbing the advanced fine crushing equipment at home and abroad. Besides, it is one of the types of equipment that can be widely used in crushing carbon-based fertilizer at present. It also has many advantages, for example, high efficiency, highly adaptable, and long life.

Top 4 advantages of new vertical crusher

Large capacity and uniform particle

The new type vertical crusher output can be up to 20 tons/hour, which is higher than other equipment under the same power. The product is in good shape, small footprint. What’s more, it is especially suitable for fertilizer crushing, especially for the carbon-based fertilizer crushing process. Moreover, it is neatly cut.

Easy operation and less maintenance

The new type vertical crush equipment is light in weight and covers a small area. So solving the problem of the area size in the manufacturing process of carbon-based fertilizer. What’s more, the way of installation is very simple, not only easy to use but also convenient to operate. Repairing and replacing parts in the crushing chamber is easy and quick, saving time and labor.

Highly adaptable and protect environment

The new vertical crush machine in our company is equipped with highly adaptable, especially for carbon-based materials, which are watery. What’s more, the vertical-type mixer and crusher in our factory adopt advanced technology and high-quality core parts. So that can ensure a low failure rate of the machine system. Besides, the fertilizer into the machine from the feed port and exits under the machine. So it protects the environment of the factory and is helpful to workers’ health.

Low consumption and long life

The vertical crusher in our factory uses resistant materials, which can greatly reduce wear and tear. Special materials not only help increase the applicable life of the machine but have more than three times the service life of similar products. It also helps decrease the cost of the equipment in the fertilizer production line and increase your interest.

The principle of the fertilizer vertical machine in biochar-based fertilizer

The structure of the new vertical crusher

The structure of the new vertical crusher for biochar-based fertilizer includes many parts. Such as a lower frame, a casing, upper and lower shaft seats, a main shaft, a rotor disk, a chain, a hammerhead, a belt, a motor frame, and other parts. The power is driven by the triangle belt to rotate the main shaft. And the main shaft has two upper and lower bearing seats, which bearing seat installed. The casing assembly mounted on the lower frame and the feed hopper mounted on the upper part of the casing.

new vertical crush machine for sale2

The principle of the fertilizer vertical machine

The first step is to start the equipment, and if the fertilizer vertical machine is very high. Then the worker should stand on the scaffold. The carbon-based material should be with 20% water. It is shoveled into the machine by a worker from the feed port. When materials into the machine, the fast rotary of blade will chop the materials. Carbon-based fertilizer materials are cut by layers of blades and finally sprinkled out from the discharge port. If there are large pieces of charcoal-based fertilizer materials that have not been cut, they need to be crushed twice.

How do you choose the new vertical crusher in carbon-based fertilizer?

Is there a method which can turn organic waste into compost fertilizer in small quantities faster? Which type of small scale composting needs a smaller area? For this, in-vessel fermentation is an ideal choice for you. The details of in-vessel small scale composting is as follows:

From the capacity

We have three models, small, medium and large. And they are different in capacity.

  • The first capacity is 3-5t/h, the power is 22kw/h, this is the small model in our company.

  • The second one is a medium one, the capacity is 5-8t/h, and the power is 30kw/h.

  • The third one is large, the capacity is 8-15t/h, and the power is 37kw/h.

New Type Vertical Crusher
new vertical crush machine for sale4

From the size

Our machines  determine  the output. The larage capacity the machine produces, the larger the size and the larger the footprint. However, this machine is overall a small fertilizer vertical machine for carbon-based fertilizer.

From the budget

Do you want to buy good quality products at a low price? our company’s products are of good quality and low price compared to other companies’ products. The output and size  determine our prices. So you can choose the size of the machine you need according to your needs and your budget. This machine’s price of our company about $1,000.00-$2,000.00.  The larger the production, the more expensive it is. Conversely, the smaller the production, the cheaper it is.


Why do you choose ShunXin company?

Pre-sale customer service

First, we have special services. We can offer pre-sale Customer Service and considerate after-sales service, which make sure you know about our products.

Crawler type compost turner
new type crusher machine for sale

Free project design

Second, if you want to add or reduce parts of machine, we can design for you. What’s more, we can provide free process design drawing, configuration plan according to your requirements.

Installation guide for site

Third, we will free to assign special worker to the site for guiding customer to install and debug the production line. In conclusion, if you choose the product of our company, we will give you a best experience.

New type organic crusher

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