Biochar-based organic fertilizer production in Malaysia

A customer who comes from Malaysia at 8th.November,2023. And he has a biochar based organic fertilizer company. So, he finds us and told us he wanted to buy some machines includes granulator machine and dryer machine. And he said the initial moisture of the mixing is about 35%, and the targeted size of the granules is 3 to 5 mm. For dryer, he wants the granules after drying must be 12% to 15% moist, and the output capacity of the dryer must be 1 to 1.5 t/h. So, he asked us what kinds of granulator he can use. Then we will recommend biochar-based organic fertilizer production machines for him.

What kinds of granulator customer can use?

First, the customer has a granulation line. So, for the granulator, the customer needs the particle size is 3 to 5 mm, so we can suggest that he can use new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and disc granulator. All the machines adopt wet granulation, so if your initial watery content is about 35 percent, it must be suit for you require.

New type organic fertilizer granulator

The new type of organic fertilizer granulator is one of biochar based organic fertilizer production makes. It use of high-speed rotary mechanical agitation force and the resulting aerodynamic force to make granulation. This machine has large and small production. Besides, it has observed windows so that you can watch process whenever you want. What’s more, this machine can granulate high hardness particles.


Rotary drum granulator

Generally, different small scale composting machines have different outputs. Groove type compost machine has a turning span of 2.5-3 m and a turning depth of 1-2 m. moreover, chain plate composter can process organic waste pile with a width of 3-4 m and a height of 1.8 m.

Disc Granulator

The disc granulator is the best biochar-based organic fertilizer production machine in our company. It adopts the whole circular are structure, and the granulating rate can reach 95 percent. It allows the surface of the wet charcoal-based fertilizer material to roll continuously inside the equipment, prompting the gradual formation of these materials into particle, and it utilize the principle of centrifugal force, and it covers a small area. What’s more, it is more cheap than other granulator. The customer finally chooses the disc granulator, because it has high efficiency and large production. At the same time, it has cheap price.


Can dryers meet the needs of customer?

The dryer of our company can meet customer. It can dry the granules of an organic fertilizer with air hotter than 60ºC, and it doesn’t harm the organic biochar fertilizer. Furthermore, the capacity of dryer can reach 1-1.5 ton/h, and the moisture is also reaching a set standard.

The customer was satisfied with our service in the end, and he is interested in ordering other biochar based organic fertilizer productions of the granule production line from us in the future. Of course, our other products includes fermentation compost equipment, crushing equipment, fertilizer mixing equipment, fertilizer granulating equipment and cooling machine.

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