biochar fertilizer packaging equipment for sale

  • Output (kg/h): 18000
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Steel Q235/Alloy
  • Power (kW): 1.29
  • Capacity: 6 bags per min

Recent times, huge varieties of fertilizers have been available for growing crops and plant. These varieties stimulated the growth of the fertilizer market, and stimulated biochar fertilizer packaging equipment for sale. At the same time, it also stimulate the bagging of fertilizer. Because customers huge need, more and more companies began to use the packaging equipment. It is save time and save cost. In the last, there is a high demand for fertilizer packaging machine. So, biochar fertilizer packaging equipment of our company for sale.

What types of bagging machines in ShunXin company

In ShunXin company, we have many types of biochar fertilizer package equipment for sale. Whatever what fertilizer production line do you use, bagging machine can make your factory more automatic and more convenient. We have three model packing machines. The first is feeding part of double bucket fertilizer packing machine, second is double bucket fertilizer bagging machine, third is sewing and conveying device of fertilizer packaging machine. The last one is tonnage packaging machine. Then I can introduce our packaging machine from three excepts.

The appearance

In the outlook, single hopper packaging scale with one funnel, double hopper packaging scale with two funnels.

The capacity

In terms of production, there are two categories. Our double packaging machine has two hoppers, so it has a larger output than a single hopper packaging scale. In addition, we have a ton packing scale that produces very much more than either of the two here.

The shape

From the shape of fertilizer, the single hopper packaging machine is used to weigh powdered fertilizer, double hopper packaging scales are used to weigh granular fertilizer, tonnage scales which can be weighing.

organic fertilizer packaging machine price

What is the function and benefit of each of them?

In our company, biochar fertilizer packaging equipment for sale for many years, I’ll tell you what each one does and what they are.

Feeding part of double bucket biochar fertilizer packing machine

This machine has an automatic packing and weighing function. So it helps you save time and reduce labor, which increases your profits. And the core system of this machine uses the PLC system design guide. This technology improves the weighing accuracy of the machine. Besides, this machine has two funnels so it’s more efficient.

packaging machine

double bucket biochar fertilizer bagging machine

This machine adopts the whole machine dual-circuit control, which is more stable and reliable than the previous single-circuit control. So, it is better performance and more reliable quality. And, with more accurate measurements and faster efficiency, so this machine is favored by many manufacturers. Furthermore, it is used to make biochar fertilizer.

sewing and conveying device of biochar fertilizer packaging machine

Generally speaking, if you want to manufacture powdered fertilizers in powdery biochar line, this machine would be perfect for you. We use high-tech technology so that the powdery products will not block the hopper of the biochar fertilizer bagging machine. What’s more, it is suitable for you other production line. For example, disc granulation biochar production line.

bagging machine

What are the features of bagging machine?

What is the price range of packaging machine?

The price of single hopper and double hopper

The price range of balers varies and changes with the machine. In our factory, the price range is $4,500.00 – $7,000.00. If you want to know more about our biochar fertilizer packaging equipment. You can add our customer service, he will tell you more detailed parameters.


What is the packaging process of the biochar fertilizer machine?

  • In our factory, biochar fertilizer packaging equipment is the best-selling products. And the working process of the baler is fully automatic, do you want to know how it works, when you read the next, you will understand.

  • In the first step, you need to turn on the switch, the machine will start to work, and the charcoal-based fertilizer is conveyed to the middle of the machine. First the right top body rises and presses the front end of the rope and tighten the rope to tie it to the bagging.

  • Then the left top body rises and presses the lower rope to the proper position, the top knife rises and cuts the band, and finally sends the next bundle of ropes to the position, the machine completes a working cycle.

Why do you choose ShunXin company?

First ShunXin company has 30 years of history, so we have enough experience. Secondly our company has professional team and high-tech technology, so the product quality is high. Lastly, we have professional after-sales team, which can guide the installation on site and also answer your after-sales questions.

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