Biochar ferment machines

  • Capacity: 1-20 tons per hour
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

Why we need Biochar ferment machines?

In today’s world, where populations are growing, and people need more healthy food. So we urgently need healthy soils to ensure that they are able to provide reliable and fresh food. Then carbon-based fertilizer can help you to achieve this goal. If you application of biochar-based fertilizers to the soil, it can reduce Carbon monoxide CO emissions, maintaining soil moisture, increase carbon sequestration, and ensure vegetable yields.  So if you are interested in making charcoal-based fertilizer, you must need to  use the biochar ferment machines.

How to compost properly?

Do you know how to compost properly? Here are the details:

Selection of suitable raw materials

The raw materials for composting can be various organic wastes such as vegetables, fruits, food waste, grass, fallen leaves, flowers, etc.

Prepare the site

A sunny, well-ventilated outdoor area should be chosen for composting。 avoiding making it indoors because of the odors it can produce. If the soil is poor, add soil or dirt.

Making compost

Mix the ingredients in a certain proportion. The mixed ingredients should be finely ground to speed up decomposition.

Turn the pile regularly

Turn the compost pile every other week to promote even decomposition of the materials while maintaining proper humidity.

Temperature control

Heat is generated during the composting process, and the temperature needs to be maintained at around 55°C to facilitate microbial activity.

Judging maturity

Judge maturity by observing the color and texture of the compost (consisting of crumbs with no large pieces of material.

What is the use of biochar ferment machine?

What is Biochar ferment machines?

Turning machine is a dynamic composting based on the development and production of machinery and equipment. Early charcoal-based fertilizer composting process is static composting, often due to insufficient oxygen supply and transformed into anaerobic fermentation. It will produce a lot of odor, and there is a risk of explosion. Moreover, our plant’s compost turner machine is a mechanical equipment. Because it can improve the oxygen supply and make aerobic fermentation composting.

Crawler type compost turner
Moving type windrower for small scale composting

What is use of Biochar ferment machines?

The main function of the turner machine is to turn, ferment and crush the agricultural waste. It is provide high quality raw carbon-based fertilizer materials for the production of organic fertilizer. Through the treatment of the turner, the agricultural waste can be fully fermented, killed harmful microorganisms and parasitic eggs, and transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer.

What type of Biochar ferment machines does our company have

We have 7 types of composting equipment. No matter you need to make charcoal-based fertilizer to sell, or for your own use. Our company has a piece of Biochar ferment machines to meet your needs.

Groove compost Equipment

Groove compost turner machine is a small and medium-sized equipment of our company.  It has many advantages, which can help the charcoal-based fertilizer materials to supplement oxygen and discharge water. And it has a reliable working process and a long service life. So it can be used for at least ten years. Not only that, working efficiency of this is very high. It can quickly carry out the tilling work, which greatly shortens the agricultural cycle.

self compost machine

Walking Turner machine

Self-propelled tumbler is one of the advanced equipment in our company. It takes four wheels and requires only one person to maneuver. Besides, it mixes and crushes the charcoal-based fertilizer materials on the long pallet. Decomposing the organic matter under aerobic conditions. This machine not saves time and labor, but increase in efficiency and product quality of charcoal-based fertilizers. What’s more, it significant reduce in costs. Not only that, but it makes 180-degree turns.

Wheel Turning Machine

It is a large-scale equipment of our company. Wheel disc tumbler is suitable for large span and high depth charcoal-based fertilizer tumbling operation. Its advantage includes high turning depth, which can reach 3 meters. Correspondingly, its turning span is also large, and its maximum turning depth can reach 30 meters. More importantly, its energy consumption is very low, compared to other machines with the same output, its energy consumption is 70% smaller.

crawl type compost machine

Crawler type compost turner

Crawler type turner is a small and medium-sized machine of our company. When you use it, you need to place the charcoal-based fertilizer on the ground and pile it into long strips. Then you need to turn it through the tracked turner. This machine is much easier to get consistent product properties than static composting, while providing better odor control. The overall level of automation is higher and it is more economical in terms of investment.

Chain plate fermenter

The chain plate compost machine is a medium equipment of our company. The machine travels along the track of the fermentation tank. It can speed up the fermentation of materials in the fermenter, reduce moisture and improve the quality of compost. Adopting chain drive, rolling support pallet structure. What’ more, it has small turning resistance, which can save power and energy . And it suitable for deep trough operation.

Chain plate small scale fertilzier composting
compost tank

Horizontal Fermentation Tank

Our factory horizontal fermenters are ideal for composting and fermenting biochar based materials. The purpose of the machine is to provide a controlled environment or the decomposition of carbon-based fertilizer materials. Such as crop residues, rice husks, corn stalks, etc. Our horizontal fermenters are high capacity and efficient systems that can handle large quantities of material quickly and efficiently. Besides, built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, our fermentation tank is designed for long-lasting durability and reliable performance.

Double wheel compost machine

Double wheel compost machine is a large equipment of our company. It has two rotating wheels, so it is more efficient. In addition, this machine can be up to 30 meters across the width and 3 meters deep. So it is suitable for large sites. And, it is symmetrical tumbling and can be displaced left and right. Most importantly, the machine’s wheel discs can be raised and lowered automatically. It ensuring that the equipment can be moved without any obstacles.

Double wheel type composter for large scale manure disposal

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