Charcoal-based fertilizer maximizes soil improvement, and to make charcoal-based fertilizer, you first need compost. But to compost properly, temperature must be a very important factor. So, here we will tell you the temperature of compost properly.

What is composting?

The composting is the decomposition of organic matter. More importantly, it is “the aerobic or aerobic decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms under certain conditions.” Bacteria and fungi, which produce heat and carbon dioxide as byproducts.  A properly aerated compost pile can produce enough heat to kill harmful pathogens, fly larvae, and even weed seeds mixed in with the compost. So, I will recommend you compost machine of our company. It can solve this process.


Benefits of Composting

Reduces the Waste Stream

Composting is a great way to recycle the organic waste generated at home. Food scraps and garden waste combined make up the majority of the garbage we throw away. Not only is food waste a huge burden on the environment, it is also expensive to dispose of.

Improves soil health

Compost is an important tool for improving soil. Compost contains the three main nutrients needed by plants: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also contains trace amounts of other essential elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Compost improves the water-holding capacity, productivity and resilience of the soil.

What the customer needs

A customer who comes from India, he told us he wants to buy some biochar fertilizer machine. And his biochar fertilizer machine budget is in $50,000, he wants to know if we can recommend our products for him. We asked him what fertilizer production line he needs, he said he went to a granulation production line.

Conserves Water

What does composting do? The soil’s ability to hold water improves as organic matter increases. By using compost to cultivate healthy soil, farmers won’t have to use as much water and will still have higher yields compared to farming with degraded soil.

compost tank for chicken manure biochar fertilizer

What is the temperature used for composting

The optimal peak temperature for aerobic composting is 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which occurs when aerobic macro- and microorganisms are breaking down waste and reproducing at a fast rate. This high temperature also kills any  bacteria eggs or weed seeds. However, if you need some biochar making tips, you can contact us. What’s more, you can buy the fermentation tank of our company. It is autamatically, so you don’t worry about this question.

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