chicken dung and biochar as fertilizer

  • Capacity: 1-20 tons per hour
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: Poultry manure, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc

Making chicken manure  biochar fertilizer is an effective way to use agricultural waste. By this way, it not only helps provide sustainable soil nutrition. But also provides better nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements to the fertilizer. If you want to manufacture carbon fertilizer from chicken manure, then you should have relevant equipment for making carbon-based fertilizer. So, we will introduce the equipment of our company to you. And we will explain in detail how to use these machines to make fertilizer from chicken dung and biochar.

chicken dung and biochar making fertilizer

Two cases to make charcoal-based fertilizer from chicken manure

To make you produce carbon-based fertilizer fast, then we need to understand your situation and give you details on the process of manufacturing charcoal-based fertilizer in two ways.

The first case is that you don’t have carbon as a material. So, you need to produce carbon in the first place. Most importantly, you can use this kind of equipment of our company’s carbonization furnace. Because this equipment converts straw or rice hulls into carbon through thermal decomposition. And when you get carbon materials, you can add it into chicken manure.

The second case is that you have carbon as a material.Then you can just skip the carbonization step. Next thing is add carbon material and some organic matter directly to the chicken manure. And then you can pretreatment them.

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How many production lines are there for manufacturing charcoal-based fertilizers?

We have three types of chicken dung and bichar fertilizer production lines: large, medium and small.

  • The small production line is 1-3 tons/h.
  • The medium production line is 3-8 tons/h.
  • The large production line is 8-20 tons/h.

Six steps to make charcoal-based fertilizer from chicken manure

Pretreatment the chicken dung and biochar:

The first step you need to dewater the material. Chicken manure contains a lot of moisture. But you need to keep the moisture at about 60%. By this way, we recommend you our company’s two kinds dehydrator machine. One is suitable for large capacity, the other is suitable for small capacity.

dewatering equipment for biochar fertilizer
Moving type compost turner for biochar fertilizer compost

Compost the chicken manure and carbon materials:

In order to kill insect eggs and harmful bacteria in fertilizers, you need to compost. Because high temperatures kill them. You should to stack the chicken manure and carbon in the compost pile. Besides, you need a  compost turner machine to turn them regularly.

Crushing the chicken manure and biochar materials:

After composting, you need to crush the chicken manure and carbon materials, so that you can better pelletizing.

 We recommend you new type organic fertilizer crusher. Because it can easily pulverize chicken manure and carbon matrials.

disc granulator machine for biochar fertilizer

Pelletizing the chicken manure and charcoal-based fertilizer:

In order for the pellets to be more aesthetically pleasing and easier to transport, you need to granulate them.

 Then we recommend you disc granulator. It has a high granulation rate, which can reach about 95%.

Drying and cooling the chicken dung and carbon-based fertilizer:

To increase the strength of charcoal-based fertilizer particles, you need dryers and coolers. 

Our dryers and cooler equipment have a large capacity of up to 20 tons per hour. And it is easy to operate.

dryer and cooler for biochar fertilizer
biochar fertilizer packaging machine

Packaging the chicken manure and biochar fertilizer

Packaging is for better transportation and easier selling. What’s more, our company has palletizers and balers. And they all can save your time and labor.

Key Equpment Needed in chicken manure carbon fertilizer production

Process of composting carbon-based fertilizer

compost tank for chicken manure biochar fertilizer

If you want a method of composting that has a small footprint and less odor. And you need a large or medium capacity. Then a ferment tank is for you. Our company’s horizontal ferment tank can control the temperature and humidity very well. The capacity is 10-12m3/d and the price is economic.


If you want an affordable and fast method. So, groove type compost machine and self-propelled compost machine is suitable. They are favorable cost and efficient at the same time. Besides, it also suitable for small or medium capacity. What’s more, the capacity is 500-700m3/h. And the price is $12,000 – $14,000.


moving type compost turner for chicken manure biochar fertilizer

Process of Granulation the chicken manure biochar fertilizer

Double roller granulator for no drying fertilizer granule making

If you are a large production line, we recommend you the new organic fertilizer crusher. Because it is made of stainless steel, So, it can easily pulverize chicken manure and carbon dust. Moreover, it is widely available, it won’t clog the material. And the capacity is 3-15 kg/h. Also, the price is very affordable, which about $2,000 – $5,000.

If you have a small production line, then we recommend you the semi-wet material crusher. It is suitable for crushing chicken manure and carbon fertilizer. And it is small and more space-saving. The capacity of this machine is 1-8 kg/h. The price is $1,500-$2,000.

Dry extrusion granulator for low cost fertilizer pellet production

Technology for making chicken manure and biochar fertilizer

In granulate process of making chicken manure biochar fertilizer, we have dry granulation and wet granulation. 

Dry granulation:

To reduce energy consumption and production costs. You can adopt dry granulation. Our company adopts dry granulation machine has roller granulator and flat die granulator. They are both directly extruded into granules by machines, and squeeze once to pelletize. What’s more, they don’t require subsequent drying and cooling steps, saving costs. More importantly, they also have the ability to change molds depending on the shape you want.

Wet granulation:

Some raw materials are loose after fermentation and are not easy to pelletize. So we need to add some moisture or adhesive to increase the viscosity of the material, the moisture content is about 45%. What’s more, in the process of pelletizing, water or binder will add to ensure that the material can be pelletized smoothly. Our company takes the wet granulation machine has the disc granulator, the rotary drum granulator, and the new organic fertilizer granulator. They all use wet granulation technology.

The benefits of use equipment of Yu Shun Xin

If you want to biochar fertilizer from chicken dung, you need to choose a reliable company. So, you can consider our factory. I can tell you from four aspects.

  • First, The equipment our company uses to compost chicken manure and charcoal fertilizer is very efficient and and composts very quickly.

  • Secondly, the quality of the crusher that our company uses to crush chicken manure and carbon fertilizer is very good.

  • Thirdly, the pelletizer that our company uses to pelletize chicken manure and charcoal. It has both large and small production capacity, which can surely meet your needs.

  • Finally, Our company’s packaging machines include palletizers and wrappers. The price is favorable and will let you save labor.

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