Biochar Fertilizer Roller Granulator

Biochar Fertilizer Double Roller Granulator in Malaysia

What are the customer’s demands for biochar fertilizer making?

On May 1, 2024, we had a customer from Malaysia. He found us through a Google page for double roller granulator for biochar. And he asked us a few questions about biochar fertilizer double roller granulator. Firstly, he asked us about his raw material which is chicken manure and some decomposed organic matter. And he wanted to make a charcoal based fertilizer and he asked what machine could make it? What is the output? And if the machine needs to be lubricated with any oil?And lastly, he said he cost less and wanted us to recommend him some machines at a good price.

What machine is affordable prices for customers in Malaysia?

The government of Malaysia strongly supports the production of organic fertilizers, and charcoal-based fertilizers add water and soil retention to organic fertilizers. And we recommend our biochar fertilizer double roller granulator to our customers because they say they need a machine with good price.

Biochar fertilizer production line in Malaysia

Not only our biochar fertilizer double roller granulator does not need subsequent drying and cooling. Using a dehydrator is more affordable than using a dryer and cooler. What’s more, with the Malaysian weather if wet pelletizing is used, the water content of the charcoal based fertilizer will be much greater than the national requirement. So, it will save money than other wet granulation biochar fertilizer granulators. For example, disc granulator and so on.


But also, Our biochar fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator process is also very simple and efficient. It extrudes the organic material directly into shape with a mold and does just once, not a second time.

What are the steps to use biochar fertilizer double roller granulator?


First, the customer needs to pile the toner and organic matter together for fermentation. If customers want faster fermentation, they can consider our biochar fertilizer composter. After the organic matter and carbon powder have been fermented, customers can leave it for a period of time. But the weather in Malaysia is hot, humid and rainy. So we recommend customers to use our charcoal-based fertilizer dewatering machine after the fermentation is completed.

Biochar fertilizer seperator machine
 biochar fertilizer

Crushing Materials

Second, Malaysia’s market demand for organic fertilizer is very big nowadays. So if you use our biochar vertical crusher, the charcoal-based fertilizer is more comprehensive in nutrition. And it will surely be more competitive in the market. So if you want your charcoal based fertilizer  to be more nutritionally balanced, then you can then purchase our charcoal based fertilizer verticle crusher additionally.


Finally, we recommend you to use our biochar double roller pelletizer. As long as you pour the crushed organic material and carbon powder together into the machine from the feeding port, then after the extrusion of the mold, the spherical biochar fertilizer granules will come out, and finally after crushing, the granules will come out from the discharge port.

Biochar Fertilizer Roller Granulator

Any other questions from the customers about biochar double roller granulator?

  • What is the output of carbon based fertilizer granulator?

    Customers ask us what is the output of our machine, our biochar fertilizer double roller pelletizer machine has an output of 1-3 tons. According to the customer’s output, we can customize more than one biochar fertilizer double roller Pelletizer to use together.

  • How to maintain the biochar fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator?

    And, the biochar fertilizer double roller pelletizer needs regular maintenance with oil. This is because the smoother the machine is, the rounder the particles of charcoal-based fertilizer will be.

  • How long is the lifespan of carbon based fertilizer granulator?

    The life span of our carbon based fertilizer roller granulator can make maximum 1500 tons of biochar fertilizer and minimum 900 tons of biochar fertilizer.

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