Charcoal-based fertiliser gets more and more attention. And if you want to produce carcoal and gain profit from it, the first thing you should know is that how affect the carcoal fertilizer equipment cost ? Next we discuss the answer to this question.


What affects cTop 4 factors affect carcoal fertilizer equipment cost

There are top 4 factors affect carcoal fertilizer equipment cost. You should know about what they are.



The first is capacity


Generally, prices vary with production.

When the output of the machine is higher, the price of this machine will be more expensive.  If the production is small, the price will be small as well. So when you’re looking to buy a machine, output is one of the important factors. Then I will recommend the organic fermentation tank, it has large capacity.

horizontal tank for sale
disc granulaotr machine


The second is material


Relatively speaking, the material also plays a very important factor for the machine. The better the material, the more expensive the machine will be. This is because if the machine is made of good material, it will last longer than other similar machines. We are here to advise you to choose the machine with good material, you can’t lose the quality because of the price. And our disc granulator can adjust material size.



The third is customised costs


Our company’s products can be customised to suit your needs. For example, by adding water jets to the drum granulator, or by replacing it with a special material, or by changing the colour of your choice. If you want to add customised elements, then the price will also increase.


Rotary-drum-granultion-equipment for-sale
organic fertilizer packaging machine price


The fourth is auxiliary equipment


If you want to buy charcoal  fertiliser machine, you have to consider not only the individual machine, but also its corresponding ancillary facilities, such as transport belts and elevator.


In summary, if you want to buy a machine, the four points mentioned above about the price of the factors, you need to understand all the clear.

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