Best shredder for composting

Why you need a shredder?

When you need to compost, your raw materials need to be shredded.  Otherwise, non-compostable material may hinder the fermentation process. Moreover, the heavy metals contained in substances such as dry batteries, once mixed into the compost feedstock, cannot be selected during reprocessing. So, that’s why you need a shredder for composting. I can recommend some shred machine for you in the next. In the next text, I will tell you  what pulverize machine does the company have?

New type vertical crusher

We have a total of six types of crushers, each of them are  best shredder for composting, and there is always one to meet your needs. The best shredder for composting is new type vertical crusher

The first advantage is that  it has  large processing capacity and uniform particle size, The output can be up to 20 tons/hour, which is higher than other similar equipment. Secondly, This product is simple to operate and easy to maintain. The way of installation is very simple, not only easy to use but also convenient to operate. Thirdly, it has low consumption and long life. The vertical crusher uses special materials, which can greatly reduce wear and tear. Special materials help increase the applicable life of the machine but also have more than three times the service life of similar products.

Semi-wet material crusher

semi crush machine

The first feature is that it is very widely used and highly reliable. Because it is not strict on the requirement of water content. Secondly, the machine can crush more than a hundred kinds of materials, and will never be clogged. Furthermore, the equipment is labor-saving and easy to operate. The machine adopts high-tech technology, only one person can easily operate.

Cage crusher

cage crusher

Cage crusher mainly used for fine crushing, and also plays the role of mixing when crushing. It is suitable for delicate materials, especially for breaking up powder after lumping. Its first advantage is high crushing efficiency and smooth operation. Cage mill has a simple structure, and it has high crushing efficiency and smooth operation. The second is that the machine is simple and compact, covers an area of small. Convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Chain crusher

Chain crusher is divided into vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher according to the installation form. It has the characteristics of reasonable design of inlet and outlet, uniform crushed materials, not easy to stick to the wall, easy to clean and so on.

Double Shaft Chain Crusher

Straw crusher


How much compost can small windrow composter produce per hour?

Straw crusher plays an important role in agricultural production, can effectively deal with straw, reduce environmental pollution, improve resource utilization, has important economic and environmental value.

Urea crusher

Urea pulverizer is a pulverizing equipment used to pulverize hard materials, such as carbon based fertilizer. What’ more, urea crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage bar crusher. It can crush all kinds of single fertilizer with water content below 40%. Especially suitable for hard carbon based fertilizer materials.

Moving type windrow compost turner working

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