Crawler Type Compost Turner Machine

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Steel Q235/Alloy
  • Capacity: 300-500m³/h
  • Application: Organic and biochar fertilizer

Biochar fertilizer not only improves nutrient uptake by plants but also means that less fertilizer is needed to achieve the same growth results. Also, we can recommend the windrow compost machine for you. And we have two compost turning machine. One is crawler type compost turner machine and the other is char fertilizer four-wheeled compost machine. What’s more, our crawler type compost turner machine is very suitable for the composting treatment of charcoal-based fertilizer. Because it has both favorable price and high output. And has many advantages. So, it is very suitable for the production line of charcoal-based fertilizer.

What is a biochar crawler type compost fertilizer machine?

A crawler turner machine is one of heavy-duty piece of biochar fertilizer equipment. It design for large-scale biochar fertilizer composting operations. Besides, it is mounted on a crawler track system, similar to what you might see on a bulldozer or an excavator. What’s more, it provides high stability and mobility over various terrains.                So, the crawler type compost turner machine very suitable char fertilizer.

Traditional composting techniques are time-consuming and take up a lot of space, but nowadays, with crawler tyoe compost turner machine, the speed is significantly higher.

crawl type compost machine for biochar fertilizer

What are the benefits of char fertilizer crawler compost turner machine?

Enhanced Mobility:

Crawler type compost turner equipment are equipped with tracks instead of wheels, which allows them to navigate a variety of terrains more effectively. This makes them ideal for use in uneven or soft char fertilizer compost where traditional compost machine might struggle.

Biochar fertilizer crawler compost machine
char fertilizer crawler compost turner

Increased Efficiency:

Crawler type compost turner automate the turning and aerating process of composting. And It is essential for speeding up the decomposition of biochar fertilizer materials. In addition, the mechanical turning provided by crawler compost ensures that the compost is mixed thoroughly and frequently. So, it lead to faster compost production compared to manual turning methods.

Uniform Composting:

The turning provided by crawler biochar fertilizer compost machine helps distribute heat, moisture, and air throughout the biochar fertilizer compost material. This uniformity ensuring that the decomposition process occurs evenly across all the material. What’s more, it results in a more consistent and high-quality biochar fertilizer compost.

Biochar fertilizer compost turner
crawler compost machine for biochar fertilizer

Labor Saving:

The automation of compost turning with a crawler type compost turner machine reduces the manpower needed for compost management. Besides, this can significantly cut down labor costs and physical strain associated with manual composting. Moreover, financial and material savings can be maximized.

How the char fertilizer crawler compost machine works

The machine is designed with four wheels.  The whole machine rides on the base of pre-stacked long strips of fertilizer. And the rotating knife shaft (suspended under the rack mechanism) realizes turning, expanding, moving and stacking. More important, the charcoal-based fertilizer material forms a new strip-shaped fertilizer pile after passing through the turning machine. At the same time, this machine crushes the material while making it more fully in contact with oxygen. So, it creating a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. And, if you have any questions about charcoal-based composting, we have charcoal-based composting tips for you.

What is the structure of the char fertilizer crawler type compost turner machine?

How you choose a char fertilizer self propelled compost machine

We have four different models of crawler compost turner machine . They differ in output and turning height. Also, the horsepower will be different.

  • If you want to build a small charcoal-based fertilizer production line for your own garden. Then we recommend you to choose the SXLDF-2400. It has a turning height of 0.6 meters to 1 meter. This model has a capacity of 500-700 m3 per cubic meter. And it’s at a great price.

  • If you want to build a medium-sized charcoal-based fertilizer production line for your own farmland. What’s more, this production line you can also sell some charcoal based fertilizer. Then we recommend you to choose the SXLDF-2600. It has a turning height of 1 meters to 1.3 meter. This model has a capacity of 1000-1200 m3 per cubic meter.

  • If you want to build a large-sized charcoal-based fertilizer production line to sell char fertilizer. Then we recommend you to choose the SXLDF-3000. It has a turning height of 1.3 meters to 1.5 meter. This model has a capacity of 1500 m3 per cubic meter. In addition, the prices are also economical.

How much is the crawler type compost machine for sale?

Our crawler type compost turner machine belongs to one kind of small compost turner. That’s why the price is better. Our machines are priced from $1000 to $10,000. According to the above, the price will vary depending on the output of the machine and the height of the tumbling. So, prices are also more favorable for smaller yields and relatively higher for larger yields.


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