Groove Type Compost Turner

  • Capacity: 10-20 t/h.
  • Color: Green/Red/ Yellow/Gray
  • Material: Steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage:380V
  • Application:  Livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, filter mud.

What is the groove compost turner?

The groove-type compost turner is the most equipment in the fermentation when you want to produce the carbon-based fertilizer. Because it has to provide sufficient oxygen to the charcoal-based fertilizer, and also can mash charcoal-based fertilizer materials. So, if you need a machine to help you complete this procedure, ShunXin company will be your best choice. We have maintained a good reputation in the industry for many years, which is evident to many manufacturers. We will also provide you with good service, I believe that choosing us will bring you an even good shopping experience!

Top 3 Advantages of Groove Type Compost Turner in Biochar-based Fertilizer

The special design

The design of machine in our factory is very special. It has overcome the shortcomings of the high cost of conventional compost turner machines. Besides, the turning spans of the equipment are from 3 to 30 meters, and the height can be 0.8-1.8 meters. It has overcome the shortcomings of traditional compost turners. What’s more, it is mixed with biochar-based fertilizer more evenly. To some extent, it ensures that every detailed part of the materials is fully in contact with the air.

The durable material

The rail-type compost turner in our factory is made of high-quality square tube, the material frame is sturdy and durable. In addition, the turning teeth of the fluted composting equipment are made of 12 mm steel plate processed by the second line cutting machine. So, it is durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the extraction teeth are strong, so the charcoal-based fertilizer material is crushed more finely.

Highly technology

The track-type compost turner in the ShunXin factory is centralized and controlled by a control cabinet so being operated manually or automatically is achievable. Besides, the machine also has double-groove type and half-grove type to meet the customer’s different needs. The equipment not only uses underground space design and new technology for long-distance turning but utilizes the limit. It can reduce your cost.

Groove type composting site

What is the principle of the groove compost turning machine?

The structure of rail-type compost turner

Mainly consists of a walking system, lifting mechanism, frame, working parts, power transmission system, and turning material working parts.

The walking system consists of a walking frame, walking motor, chain transmission system, walking wheel, etc. It used to drive the turning machine on the track movement. Besides, lifting machine structure using hydraulic cylinders to lift the working parts to adjust the depth of turning and provide mounting location and support.

Groove type composter

The principle of the groove compost turner machine

Both of walls of the fermenter are installed rail, which can make the turner machine walk. The travel system of the compost machine is powered by a travel motor. Furthermore, the traveling wheels are driven back and forth on the track by a chain drive. At the same time, when the compost turner goes advanced, the blades on the working part make a rotating movement. It throws the lower layer of bedding in the fermentation bed forward and upward and breaks the bedding. Moisture and temperature can also be regulated, thus promoting the fermentation of charcoal-based fertilizers.

How do you choose the track-type compost turner?

If you want a cheap and good quality compost machine, then you can choose ShunXin factory. Our products at home and abroad have had good comments for many years. So you can relief if you pick our up. I will introduce how to choose a machine based on your needs.

From capacity

First, in Shunxin factory, we have three models groove type compost machine. So, you can pick up it according to your needs. Besides, we have 20 tons of machine pei hour. If you need large capacity groove machine.

Groove type composter
Groove Type Compost Turner

From size

First, how wide is your material, we have four types for you to choose from. They are different from the turning width and main motor. We can reach a maximum width of 50 meters, and a minimal width of 25 meters.

From budget

Second, you can choose our machine according to your budget. The greater the power, the greater the depth of turning, the more expensive. On the contrary, the smaller the power, the smaller the depth of turning, the cheaper the price. It is priced at $6,500.00 – $15,000.00.


Why do you need a groove compost turner in biochar fertilizer?

  • 1

    First, aerobic fermentation will produce hot temperate in the bottom of carbon-based fertilizer. And it can kill harmful bacteria and fungus as well as insect eggs.

  • 2

    Second, the turning operation can make the fermentation of charcoal-based fertilizer materials more uniform. Through the turning operation can also be mashed materials.

  • 3

    Third, the composting process can provide sufficient oxygen, so that the material will not be in an anaerobic state. Besides, turning operation can let moisture inside the material be emitted.

  • 4

    Last, the turning operation can make the carbon-based fertilizer temperature lower, the high temperature will kill the nutrients in the biochar-based fertilizer when it reaches 70°. Besides, the higher the temperature in the material, the faster decompose will be.

How do you maintain the track-type compost turner?

Firstly, semi-maintenance inspection (after 10 hours of work), check the connection bolts, nuts, and oil drain plugs are not loose.

Secondly, check whether the fastening screws of theDiesel engine , gearbox, bearing seat, and other parts are loose.

Thirdly, check whether the electrical connectors are tight, whether the insulation of the wire is good, if necessary, timely repair or replacement.

Why choose Shunxin company?

To make better compost, SX has designed a trough composter. You can provide us with your output and budget. We will provide you with suitable composting equipment and will offer you various professional services. Such as customized service and on-site installation service. As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment for many years, we are confident to provide you with first-class service.

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